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Monthly Mantra: September 2017

Monthly Mantra: September 2017

Since September is Back To School month, I thought it might be appropriate to share quotes/mantra's with you that is more relevant to school. 

In case you don't know, at the beginning of every month, I try to share 5 mantra's to keep in mind for the new month. 

Every day is a new beginning, and the same is more true for every new month. 

So I hope these quotes give you the inspiration you need to either get back to school, or just get into the new month! 

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No matter how busy you are this month, just remember to take a deep breath and give yourself the necessary time to be with yourself. 

What is one thing you are excited about this month? 

10 Essentials You Need To Survive College (& Life)

10 Essentials You Need To Survive College (& Life)