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San Francisco, California

San Francisco, California

WARNING: This will be an extremely long and detailed blogpost.

Wednesday June 18th 2014

We woke up a quite early in the morning on the first day we were there and guess what the first thing we did was?

San Francisco Cable Car ride! We were actually so early that there was no line (afterwards we soon realized that the line of the cable car is usually so long after around 8am- yes, that is how early we woke up to have missed the long lines).

The ride was so nice and breezy. Even though it was cold in the morning, it was a really nice way to see the local residency of San Francisco in the city.

After we got to the end of the line, we spent an hour or two in the morning at Fisherman’s Wharf since we were so early. And even though Fisherman’s Wharf was pretty empty and closed, the view was really spectacular. I didn’t walk along the beach or anything, but the sea breeze felt refreshing and definitely woke me up from my morning grogginess.

The Wharf itself is quite small but very compact. It has a lot of stores alongside it. If you reside in Seattle and you have been to the Waterfront, it is pretty much a more larger and busier (in terms of stores). There are so many lovely cafes and shops there that it would’ve taken awhile for my boyfriend and I to walk through if we didn’t have such a time limit. Two hours later...

Ever heard of the City Sightseeing San Francisco? Well, I haven’t. But I have now, and I love it.

The tour we had chose was the Golden Gate Bridge and Sausalito. We chose this trip because it would take us to the Golden Gate Bridge and a small town my aunt recommended so we wouldn’t have to find our way there ourselves if we didn’t take the tour.

It was so amazing! The trip actually went to a lot of places but we only stopped at the Palace of Fine Arts, Golden Gate Bridge and Sausalito.

The Palace of Fine Arts was beautiful. That is really the only way I can describe it. I can also describe it as elegant and simple yet complicated.

Since I’m on vacation with my boyfriend the first thing he actually noticed was that the women on top of the palace was the women’s backside. It was so funny. I actually made a joke with him about it too.

But yeah, the palace is gorgeous, but it isn’t large. There is also a gorgeous pond right next to it and I saw so much turtles! I actually saw a turtle swim and I it made me want to have a turtle!

There was also a gorgeous swan. Wow, I apparently cannot use any other adjective besides gorgeous...but seriously, you really have to see it for yourself.

After, we headed to the Golden Gate Bridge and prepared to walk the bridge! I wasn’t sure why but when I knew I was going San Francisco I told my boyfriend instantly, that I want to walk the bridge.

Anyway, it was an amazing view. But since I was scared of heights I was pretty silent than I usually am. Funny story though, I was so scared that when we got further enough of the bridge, my boyfriend leaned over to tug at the ropes that hold the Bridge afloat and I freak out. I was just plain scared!

I enjoyed the bridge though. It was a nice long walk with a very great view of Downtown San Francisco and Alcatraz. BUT, the walk was, oh my goodness, so tiresome and tedious so my feet are dead right now.

So, after we just went to Sausalito. You know how  usually there is a small town close to a large bustling city in most places?  Well, Sausalito is pretty much like that. It is a very small and quiet.

It’s such a beautiful town, and in the future, if I have enough money, don’t have to worry about kids and am retired, I would definitely go live at Sausalito.

Thursday June 19th 2014

Today we spent some more time at the general Fisherman’s Wharf area. I was actually curious about what was so great about Pier 39 compared to all the other Pier’s and my aunt actually told me it’s because there are a lot of shops and stores while all the other Pier’s actually were Piers.

So we pretty much skipped Fisherman’s Wharf and just moved on. We actually went to Ghirardelli Square first. Since we were there so early in the morning, we actually didn’t get to see much and couldn’t really try out their icecream. But the square itself was really pretty. I didn’t know there would be stores there so we had breakfast at a store that made really good San Franciscan Sourdough. (Which by the way, was one of the best breakfast I have ever had. I ordered a Bacon and Pepper Scrambled Egg so they put it in the bread with the top cut out so it could be like a cup. It was just plain cute!)

Once we, you know, bought the Ghirardelli chocolate (because why else would we go there?!) and checked out the small display of chocolate making machine, we head to Pier 39. By then, it was like 10.30 so it was getting pretty busy. As soon as I entered it, I knew I was going to be spending a ton of money there.

The first store I ended up seeing and going into was the Biscoff store. I didn’t even know a Biscoff store was a thing!! But I went a little crazy but, thankfully, before I hit the cash register I calmed down a bit and realized I didn’t particularly want to spend all my money on biscuits/cookies/tea (they sold Numi Tea!). After wandering inwards, we went upstairs and found this store called “Think Outside The Box” and it is pretty much one of those stores that play with your mentality. It was a pretty fun store and both my boyfriend and I agreed that if we had enough money and time, we would probably be spending a LOT of time in there! Or at least spending a lot of money in there.

After I found a really cute skincare store called Laline and it had a lot of body stuff! Body scrubs and such but since I wasn’t interested I knew I probably wouldn’t get anything but then I found this eyecream. And so I bought it because my eyes are desperately craving some attention since I finished the Origin’s GinZing. And at the cash register they said that there is a 70% off a night cream, shower gel and other stuff, so I bought a $30+ night cream for about $9~. Satisfied.

And that was the last time I spent money at Pier 39.

And then we walked to Little Italy/North Beach and it was quite a nice little town. We were so tired that we had to just sit down at this little cafe to eat. But I had bought a large bag of cherries and I ate it all by that time so I was not hungry. Really, it was just my boyfriend that ended up eating food.

As we walked down Little Italy, things started to relax because our feet finally got a chance to relax. And then we found Chinatown.

Now I grew up in a large bustling city, slightly larger than San Francisco but pretty close, so I knew what I want in a Chinatown: large, big, full of Chinese/Asian people, and busy. And the San Franciscan Chinatown didn’t disappoint.

It was like 10 blocks worth of Asianess that I endulged in. While I didn’t go into any stores and didn’t do any shopping, it was nice being in an area of an unknown city that I could find my way into being accepted. 30 minutes after entering Chinatown we finally found the entrance (we went through the back). I think the only real disappointing thing about Chinatown was the fact that the entrance was...slightly lame. But it was cool nonetheless.

Lastly I did a little damage to my debit card. Union Square. Where all the women who like fashion and spending their hard earned money in. The stores were crazy large and there was such a huge selection. But, like most large department stores, there were a lot more stores targeted at women so in the end I did a lot more shopping than my boyfriend.

I ended up buying a lot of stuff, and I will have that stuff in another blog post!

But by the end of the night, I was so exhausted I just crashed when I got back to my Aunt’s house. Thankfully we could sleep in the next day…

Friday June 20th 2014

Finally got to sleep in!

Today was going to be a chill day since my Aunt was driving us around so much less walking and a lot less waiting for public transportation and such.

First stop, Ocean Beach and Sutro Baths.

As soon as I saw the coast line, I knew that California or, at least, the coast, is where I would live after I retire (even though I know that it’s actually bad to live on the coast because of the water levels rising slowly yet steadily).

I tell my friends back in Seattle that I hate the beach but there are times when I really don’t. I say I do because the beaches in Seattle are so extremely disappointing. But this beach? It was the most beautiful thing I have seen since I left Australia and Bondi Beach.

The breeze was calming and had a sweet aroma to it. The water was a beautiful blue and I could really just sit there forever and just stare at in the ocean, thinking about life and the next steps in my life aka. college.

There were a lot of beautiful trails that could take you up to seeing the view in a more gorgeous view as well as the Golden Gate Bridge from afar.

After though, we went to the Golden Gate Park. We spent about 45 minutes in the Japanese Tea Garden and it was so serene and calming. However there were also a lot of annoying kids so that kind of ruined the tranquility of it. Yet it was fun to be walking around a garden holding onto my boyfriends hand.

Then around then it was 1pm and it was time for lunch! We headed to 9th Ave to an organic restaurant and I had a medium lasagna. Actually, since it was an organic restaurant it was made with organic ingredients. So for me, it didn’t taste right- but it wasn’t like it tasted bad either. I guess I just wasn’t used to the taste and lasagna without meat.

After lunch we were going to check out the Academy of Science Center but the tickets were like $35 and neither my boyfriend and I wanted to spend that amount of money just to go to a museum. So then we just left and went to Japantown since Seattle doesn’t have a Japantown.

I wanted to go check out some stores and both the stores I wanted to check out disappointed me in different ways so I won’t even bother mentioning them. I just ended up going to The Face Shop and doing some even more shopping (what I bought will be in a separate post!).

Dinner was Vietnamese food. I’m not a huge Vietnamese food eater so the food wasn’t super great but it wasn’t bad either. Regardless, my day ended well and I’m typing this up at like 11pm so I’m quite exhausted…

Saturday June 21st 2014

Today, was the beginning of a relaxing and non-walking and non-touristy weekend!

I have family that lives in San Francisco, and they recently bought a cabin/house by a private lake and so they took my boyfriend and I out.

Now, brief TMI: it was that time of the month for me so that morning I took some cramp medicine and so throughout the whole ride, I was pretty much out of it. The thing with my cramps is that they require me to do a lot of sleeping before I don’t feel the cramps anymore.

We ate Mexican food for lunch and I didn’t take pictures since I’m not actually a fan of Mexican food (kill me, sorry!).

And then we spent another hour on the road, bought some amazing street side strawberries (according to my aunt and uncle) and you know, we got to the house. It was quite warm outside and, funny story, it like high 20 degrees celsius and my aunt’s was like “It’s not that hot. It’s just warm.”

My boyfriend and I looked at them like they were crazy.

The rest of the day was chill: my aunt made some bomb strawberry lemonade and we watched Jack Ryan:Shadow Recruit, and Star Trek: Into Darkness but I wasn’t paying attention to most of it since I was dying my hair into an ombre/sombre brown-ish color.

Overall, the day was quite chill and nice. It felt like a normal day at home, being lazy (:

Sunday June 22nd 2014

Woke up, watched HGTV!

It was so fun watching people renovate new homes and watch people buy new homes and them bitching about their requirements for their budget.

The lazy morning made us quite a lazy person for the rest of the day. We has some yummy sushi bites for lunch, and then we didn’t leave until 3.30pm. It was scorching hot outside and my aunt was wearing a zipped up hoodie. No words.

The traffic was quite horrible on the road though, so I was asleep most of the time (since lazy mornings mean lazy and sleepy people xD) and by the time we got back to San Francisco/Daly City, we were hungry and butt cramped. So, we went to have Korean food! Yummy Korean food.

The night ended pretty chill with my boyfriend and I packing to leave the next day. He and I were equally tired so the day didn’t end with much fun.

We did watch Mulan while packing and I did go home and condition my hair (since I dyed it the day before and I was trying to get out the smell of bleach). And I found out that my boyfriend doesn’t know how to rinse my hair! But it was fun having him help me. Wish he could do it more often…

Monday June 23rd 2014

Last day in SF!

And it didn’t start out very well. So my aunt and uncle tend to drive us out to Downtown so we can go from there to where ever we like and they leave at 6.55. But that morning my boyfriend came downstairs and was like “Hey hon, it’s 7.45.” I was groggy and didn’t realize he said 7 so I didn’t respond and then… “Oh wait, I mean 6.45.” I screamed and went nuts because I had 10 minutes to get all my stuff done and hadn’t finished packing yesterday since I usually pack toiletries the day of. So I couldn’t finish my packing and had to come back.

We went to DT and it was freezing cold so we stopped by Starbucks. And continuing with the bad morning, my boyfriend said he would buy me breakfast but apparently he changed his mind and when he went to get his breakfast I was confused and asked where my breakfast was. He didn’t buy it because he thought I didn’t want it anymore!

I was so pissed off.

So the morning didn’t start off very well. But around 10am I just gave up being mad at him and just enjoyed his company for the rest of the day. Also, I had Ghirardelli Cookie Bit Sundae for lunch! #foodporn

We pretty much spent like 4 hours shopping around the Union Square area (a separate blog post will be posted for my beauty finds, and my fashion finds).

The day ended with our feet hurting like crap, but both of us ready to go home and sleep in our own beds.

We got to the airport around 5 and we passed through TSA around 5.30 maybe? But then our flight got delayed to 8.30 take off (it was originally 7.30) so we went to have dinner. We just had a Bistro burger.

And that was when our flight got delayed for ANOTHER hour, so a total of two hours. Obviously my feeling of not wanting to leave my boyfriend got through. So then we spent another two hours together, although it was really just the presence of the company since we were both trying to catch up on our YouTube subscriptions.

We finally boarded the flight, and it was interesting because the flight was boarded in like 10 minutes which is usually a lot quicker than it is. The flight was semi booked and in the middle of the flight, my boyfriend made me notice that the lady sitting next to him (I was by the window, and my boyfriend was in the middle and the lady was on the aisle) was ready 50 shades of grey! Don’t judge me, but  I actually enjoyed the series. I know a lot of people dislike it, so I guess it’s just a matter of opinions.

But we finally got home, and baggage claim was a lot quicker than usual too! I usually have to wait a few minutes before the bags start coming, but my bag was already there rotating so I picked it up and just left. I got home at around 12 and it was time to hit the sack!

Extra Pictures/Selfies:

At a Lefty's store in Pier 39!
At a Lefty's store in Pier 39!
Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada