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Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

I came back to Seattle to spend time with my boyfriend, however it seems that the universe does not want things to be so smooth for us. So while I've been busy with my internship, he is getting busy with his first job. And our paths are just not as aligned as it used to be. So we took some time for ourselves, and went to a nearby city to not only do some shopping but also do some cuddling and exploring. The weekend was generally amazing, but like all relationships, there were good and bad moments. 

Captured in this blogary is of course, the good parts only. But still, they are the only parts I want to remember so, that's why none of the bad parts are listed here ;) Still, I hope to inspire some of you to travel around your hometown, or wherever you are. You do not have to travel far to find adventure. Sometimes it's right there...

Friday July 1st 2016

My boyfriend and I started driving down to Portland, OR at around 11am. We didn't get there until 2.40 and it only took us so long because I didn't follow my instincts and kept second guessing myself, so we kept getting lost.

Anyway, we arrived with very little problems aside from that.

When we got there, we immediately went to grab some food. Even though it was late evening and it was approaching dinner time, we were both really starved. So we went to the Veggie Grill and got some sweet potato fries! If you have never been to the Veggie Grill, don't let their name scare you. They make great food.


Anyway, after that we went straight to buy some technology. (My Portland Haul is here.)

It was an expensive evening, but both my BF and I were very happy campers. (He purchased the Surface Pro 4!)

Then we went to our hotel to check in.

At that point, we were both exhausted and didn't want to go anywhere super far to have dinner. Turns out our hotel was located in a great area with many places to eat. We ended up going to Red Robin which was just across the street.

Of course, we also got some drinks (Hurray for being 21!).


For the rest of the evening, we just spent it playing on our new computers.

Saturday July 2nd 2016

We had complementary breakfast at the hotel, and then we headed to Woodburn Premium Outlets. I purchased a few things (in my haul above!) but we were mainly there for my BF. He needed a pair of dress shoes and some shirts.


We had lunch at Panera, before we headed back into town.

Their salad's are totally bomb!

But before we headed back to DT Portland, we made a separate trip to find Inglot Cosmetics. I needed to restock my sculpting powder.

Anyway, we spent a couple more minutes in the mall, at Sephora and Victoria's Secret before we headed back into town.

The 2nd happened to be our anniversary, so that day we didn't drive into town but took public transportation. Taking it made me miss good public transportation, not going to lie.


Anyway, we went to Departures, an Asian fusion place, which was located downtown.

The restaurant was located on the 15th floor, which for me, wasn't too high. Unfortunately it was high for my BF and we almost didn't go...but fortunately, they had more internal seats open, so we didn't even enjoy any of the view (which I was okay with!).

Their food was pricey, but it was an amazing date.

But the night didn't end there! Even though I walked out a little tipsy, we took a 10 minute breather outside (it was beautiful weather!) and then headed on to the next bar.

We went to The Picnic House, which was absolutely homey and had a very warm feeling. It wasn't super busy because the night was still young but their drinks were amazing! Their lion rolls are also so worth the money!


Anyway, the night ended on a positive note.

I think out of the four days we were there, Saturday was one of my absolute favourite days.

Sunday July 3rd 2016

We needed some sleep, so we (kind of) slept in.

But that day we went out and got brunch.

Whoever invented brunch, please accept three bows from me! Because I love brunch so much. And the place we went to, Cheryl's on 12th, was an amazing brunch place. Their restaurant was basically all windows, and their outdoor seating was available. (We were in Portland for a good weekend!)


Their Eggs Benedict is absolutely amazing!!!

After that we just went to Powell's City of Books, allegedly the largest bookstore in the nation. It was huge alright! So huge I got lost multiple times... and I ended up having to choose a few books out of the six books I was hoarding. It was hard for me to not walk out without any books haha


Anyway, the rest of the day didn't go so well... I was an emotional wreck.

Moving on, we ended the day with sushi at The Bamboo Sushi. Then we went to get ice-cream! Ruby Jewel Scoops ice-cream was totally worth the wait!!

Monday July 4th 2016

We had one much brunch before we left.

Even though it was July 4th, we still managed to find places open.


(Do not want to name the place because I didn't like it, even though it looks great.)

Anyway, our drive back was way more smoother than the way to Portland. Even though we were sad to leave our own bubble, we had to leave. It seemed that even the weather was sad with us, because we encountered rain a couple of times on our way back.

This trip to Portland was much needed, for both of us. And it totally delivered. I'm totally excited to go back!

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New York City, New York

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