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Poo Poo Point

Poo Poo Point

I live in Washington State (when I'm not at school, of course!) so you can imagine how stupid I feel when I have not been to some of the most classic hiking places in WA. Well, I had wanted to rectify that this summer, but somehow nothing has worked out. So on the only day we had free before I go back to school, we wanted to go somewhere fun.

I had wanted to go to Mt. Rainier, but I had just driven to and back from Portland OR the previous day (with my family, not with my bf) and didn't want to drive another 6 hours. 

So we decided to go to Poo Poo Point.

Not going to lie, the name was totally the reason I wanted to go. And I'm pretty sure my bf just went along with me because he wanted to indulge in my weirdness.

Anyway, when we go there from the quick drive, first off, the parking was just few and far between. I totally didn't understand why they knew they would be so popular and yet didn't have enough space to incorporate all that business.

We found parking because there was some ingenious business man (and/or woman) who knew parking would be paid just to hike.

By the time we parked, it was the late morning/early afternoon, and it was warm.

So we started to hike.

Man, was I out of shape!


It was insanely rocky and steep at times even. We sweated like crazy (it was a good kind of sweating though!).

But by the time we got to the top, we knew it would be worth it.


And yes, it was totally worth it.


It was a long journey, but honestly, it was amazing.

I felt amazing.

It felt so nice to walk and hate something enough to want to stop, but having someone there to encourage you to keep going.

The entire journey just kept reminding me to keep pushing for it, to keep going up. Because the view will always be worth it, no matter how high the mountain you need to climb is.

Life is hard at times. It pushes you until you break, until you want to stop, and just want to never take another step. But if you have the right people next to you, encouraging you, supporting you, and looking out for you, then you will be able to make it. It always just takes an extra few steps to make it. So whatever mountain you are climbing right now, you can do it. Just push a little harder, and remind yourself that the review will be worth every sweat, tear, and heart ache.

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