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New York City, New York

New York City, New York

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This might even be a boring post for a lot of people because it might not even be the first time you have seen or read about Times Square or New York City in general. But March 18th was the first time I was in NYC alone, exploring NYC without my parents constantly harassing strangers to take photos of the entire family. I could actually take in all the sights, and really take my time doing things. I also went shopping...which will be coming up soon!

So, without much further ado, let's get into my day!

Now, I didn't actually spend a whole day in NYC. I was at NYC for business (to which I will not name because it isn't the internet's business :)) but that fell through so I ended up spending the day wandering NYC before lunch (I had told my host family for the week that I would be back by the afternoon so I wanted to really enjoy it all while I could!).

So, I began to walk places. The place where I had stuff to do was right across Grand Central Terminal, so that was my first stop!

Okay, surprise surprise, I took a selfie at Grand Central Station! I also think I stood at the same spot as Blake Lively when she was shooting the first episode of Gossip Girl as Serena van der Woodsen.

And then I wandered through a shopping strip before leaving.

I actually didn't know this but within the Terminal there is a nice sized market with fresh fruit and fresh bread. I bought some dried banana's, and a juice. But then I spotted the biggest macaroons I have EVER SEEN.

Literally so big.

It's almost the size of my palm!!

Anyway, I had to buy one. I bought a blueberry one!

My boyfriend saw it and he was surprised at the sheer size.

After I bought my huge macaroon, I began to wander towards Times Square. I don't think I actually ever set foot on Times Square so I was really interested in it. On the way, I go intrigued by a store who had some cute rain booties on their store front, so I went inside. The clothes and shoes were okay, but I saw the shirt that had "Blog Life" written on it and I was like, "Okay, that's mine."

So I bought it. It shall be styled very soon!

When I finally got to Times Square, I was quite overwhelmed. Not really because of where the place was by the air of NYC. I know that sounds weird but...I felt myself rushing to go places. And I am usually not that bad. But, it was overwhelming me a little to feel so rushed around places. And it was only 10am!!

But, I really tried not to get it to my head and just went with it. When I stood in the middle of Times Square, I found Inglot! I didn't even know they had a store there and I had been meaning to try out their sculpting powders for a long time! I finally got a chance! Let me tell the world that their powders are not worth purchasing WITH the container. They rip you off. I haven't had a chance to use the sculpting powder I bought yet so a review will be coming soon!

Anyway, it reminded me of a MAC store, but it was a lot more flat with less mountain displays. I was pretty much in and out! Which is surprising considering my obsession with makeup...Although I do have a feeling that I will be buying more of their things soon. Haha

I did end up popping into MAC but it was too crowded...and also their attendants aren't very nice... Aren't they usually meant to go up to the customer and ask them if they need help?

Next stop, Forever 21!

I found the cutest rompers! But the back was too low and I was worried about how I could wear a bra without the strap showing... And then Forever 21, being such a big store in Tims Sq, was so stupid and opened up their smallest changing room on the first floor for the entire four levels of the store. What kind of a mistake is that? Get it together Forever 21! Which is actually why I didn't buy anything from Forever 21. The line for the dressing room was too long.

And then...Sephora.

I actually managed to reign myself in because I actually have a basket full of stuff online but I only wanted a couple of things. I left the store with two things and was so proud of myself!

Oh, and then I found Mickey Mouse!

Okay, is it just me or are they not supposed to ask for tips? I should've realized and shouldn't have gotten suckered in....Common sense!

Last stop, H&M.

Okay, is it just me or does it feel like, as you get older, you cannot really shop at Forever 21 anymore?

I never really noticed this until I walk into Forever 21 and H&M consecutively and realize the difference. I feel like it's become very hard for me to find suitable clothes at Forever 21 for my age. I'm approaching 20 and I feel like I can no longer pull off bright colors and skimpy shorts that barely cover my butt. I'm not going to throw away those shorts just yet, but I'm not going to buy anymore. I was looking around the story and the clothes were either too short or too long. (Doesn't that make me sound like Goldilocks...)

But I'm not saying their clothes are all like that. Because occasionally I find something I really love and is just classy. (No one get offended!! I'm just too old for Forever 21 :( )

So, H&M had the stuff. I found the softest and classiest shirts at H&M for a very good price. I bought most of the colors because they could literally go with everything. I also bought a decent length skater dress that is just simple and gorgeous. I really gotta shop at H&M more!

The day had ended and all I needed was find my way back to Penn Station.

On my way I stopped by a Japanese Bento store called Wasabi and okay, they make some goooooood onigiri. I bought 3 of their Chicken Teriyaki Onigiri's and it's amazing. I actually wish I bought more...

I left NYC with a heavier backpack than when I had arrived and somewhat more satisfied with my version of therapy (despite the indent it made in my wallet...).

NYC is truly a lovely place to go, but maybe only when you want to escape from knowing everyone and everything. It's easy to get lost in NYC so be careful! I'm going to visit more often for sure!

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