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Cafe Spotlight・Seattle Meowtropolitan

Cafe Spotlight・Seattle Meowtropolitan


It's my boyfriend's birthday week, and because this birthday I ran out of ideas, and I know he likes cats, I decided to treat him to a visit to the Seattle Cat Cafe :) 

I did vlog a little, so if you would rather see the place through that, check out the video below! Otherwise, you can check out the photos below :) x

I totally recommend visiting if you are ever in Seattle (or NYC, because I hear they just opened one!). 

It was so sweet to see the cats running around/napping around. 

We did take some photos, but because we went around 2pm, a lot of the cats were napping and taking a break from humans xD 

In general though, I definitely recommend going earlier in the morning! 

Otherwise, they are so sweet, and when I'm there it feels very calming, even though we didn't do a lot of petting. 

Did I mention how cute the pastries were? ;)

Not going to lie though, some people were just crowding around the cats and I kind of felt bad for them too. 

Still, I think even as a space it was therapeutic. 

I don't like cats, never have, but it was still calming for me, and it was so nice to be petting them <3 I think my boyfriend really enjoyed the experience as well. 

This may be a new thing I'm doing, where I highlight some interesting cafes I visit. Not sure how many of these I would do but I thought this cafe definitely deserves it's own blog post. 

What other whimsical and unique cafes do you like? 

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