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Yellow Fever + Spring/Summer Trends To Try & Is Flattering

Yellow Fever + Spring/Summer Trends To Try & Is Flattering

I hope the following aren't obvious in the photos: 

1. How cold I was taking these photos 

2. How I was wearing a black bra under the yellow top 


3. How there was still snow on the ground when I took these photos lol

There are a few colors I used to really hate. Let me list them out for you. 

Yellow, orange, red, brown, green, and any neon color.

But, as you can see in these photo, I'm wearing two of my least favorite colors in the past. I've grown to realize that even if you hate a particular color, that color might actually look amazing on you. 

So years ago, I started wearing brown shoes, but I love how it gave my outfits color without being a too bold of a color. 

But this year, I started seeing yellow everywhere. I started to make me question if I should embrace some of the spring trends out there. And well, you can see that in just one top, I am embracing two different spring trends: yellow, and cold shoulder top. Scroll down to see what other spring trends I recommend you to try!


Top: Francesca's 

Jeans: American Eagle

Shoes: UGG

Spring Trends: To Try & Universally Flattering

1. Yellow 

As you can see above, even I'm rocking yellow. I think if you find the right yellow share, it would be perfect for any skin tone. I am particularly drawn to muted yellow shades, because it isn't so bright it'll blind anyone :)

2. Lilac 

Honestly, seeing lilac on people makes me dream of spring, even more than wearing yellow, I don't know why...but, I will say that I love the color purple, but could never bring myself to wear it. However, when it's in the form of lilac, I think it is also flattering on all skin tons. I recommend buying at least a lilac top.

3. Mules 

I love that mules are still in season. But I recommend giving mules a try. I am a big believer that there are all kinds of mules that work for all kinds of feet types. I used to hate the trend because I couldn't find one that fit my kind of a frame. But once you find a pair, trust me, you'll love them as much as I do!

4. Denim Skirts

I don't think denim skirts have been in style since the 2000's, but I love that it's making a comeback for the spring/summer season. My favorite kind of a denim skirt right now is white denim...I just got my first pair and omg, the pain of keeping it clean will be worth it! Just be picky where you choose to wear it xD

What is a spring trend you want to try but is scared to?

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