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Working Gal + Cuyana 'Classic Overnight Bag' Review

Working Gal + Cuyana 'Classic Overnight Bag' Review

This week was my first week at my Internship (to know what I'm doing, you should read this post here). Since it was my first week, and the company dress code is 'chic casual' I decided to share with you all an outfit that is appropriate for the office when it's hot out, but also fun to go out in at the end of the day. 

But also, I will be sharing with you all my review and thoughts of the new Cuyana bag! 

I can already feel some people thinking that no matter what kind of company I work for, a spaghetti strap and short-ish shorts are never appropriate for the office. 

Well, I would agree, but considering how my company works with online content creation and marketing, the only people I see on the day to day basis are the people I work with within the office. So to me, there's no reason why I can't be more comfortable and show a little skin. 

HOWEVER, just to be clear, I dressed very formally and showed very little, if any, skin on the first day. I didn't know how my co-workers were going to dress, and I didn't want to give off a terrible first-impression (yes, they do matter!). So if you are starting a new position, no matter where it is, you should always dress up. It'll be good for you in the long-run. 

Anyway, this is also an outfit I would wear on a daily summer basis, so throwing on my favorite casual jacket gives it a more chic yet professional look, at least in my not-very-biased opinion xD


Jacket: Dynamite

Shirt: Boutique

Shorts: Target

Bag: Cuyana

Cuyana 'Classic Overnight Bag' Review

DISCLAIMER: This post was not sponsored by Cuyana, nor was this bag given as a gift. I purchased it on my own dime. 

Okay, now for some back story...which you can skip if you want. 

But I've been on the search for a spacious work bag, that would not only fit my bulky and heavy 15" MacBook Pro, but would also fit my notebook/s, water bottles, and even lunch. Or other miscellaneous items... and wouldn't break the bank. Well, I had been eyeing Cuyana for a long time, and I love their motto of less is more. So when they came out with this overnight bag, I immediately knew it was it. 

But, to be fair, it was a new launch, so I didn't really know what I was getting into, nor what the quality was going to be like because I had never purchased anything from them before. is my honest review/first impression of the bag, and of the brand. 


Honestly it's gorgeous. There are three colors to choose from: this beige, a navy, and a black. 

The details of the bag, i.e. straps, zippers etc, are made of beautifully smooth leather. The canvas itself feels sturdy and good quality. 

Has great structure at the bottom

Honestly I didn't even think about it but when I got it I loved that it had some support at the bottom, and that it wouldn't just sag with the weight when I carried it. It also means that when I set it down, assuming I don't have my lap top in there, it would totally stand on it's own and not put on display all the stuff I hoard in my bag. 

Fits a lot 

No complaints here. It fits not only my MacBook Pro, charger, my bullet journal, pencil case, both my water bottles, and lunch, but there is still room to spare after. 

3 different sized interior pockets + two outer pockets 

I love all the pockets!!! There are two outer side pockets, designed to fit maybe a small umbrella and both water bottles. I don't really know what to use them for yet though, because I don't want to be leaving my things out to grab. If it had a magnetic closure or something, I would be much more inclined to use it for smaller things. Still, no complaints. 

The three interior pockets are definitely a life saver. I love that they are all different sizes, designed to fit different kinds of things. 

HOWEVER, here's where a bad thing comes in... for me at least. So when I put my laptop in my bag, the back of my laptop is the side that touches me when I carry the bag. But because of that, I cannot use the pocket/s behind the laptop because as soon as I carry it, whatever is in there will dig into me. So beware - I wish there was some padding to make it more comfortable, because this means that I can't even use all three pockets.

Leather detailing

I love the leather detailing, it definitely gives it a more high end look. So far, the quality has been impeccable.

Very thin material 

Goes back to the pockets... I wish in general, there was more padding on the inside. I mean, even if I only used it as an overnight bag, I would still want more padding because I might still be carrying electronics and/or bottles of product I would not want to break. 

Definitely designed to be an overnight bag filled with clothes than a work bag with electronics 

In general, I think this bag is designed to be just used for clothes, if anything else. I'm not sure I would recommend it PURELY as a work bag but because I know I will use this bag for other trips and for other reasons, I justified it to myself. 

Can get heavy quickly, and the straps are pretty thin - but just requires breaking in

Even though by itself it's pretty light, you start thinking you can put a lot of stuff inside because of how spacious it's a trap! It'll get heavy. 

And honestly, the straps are pretty thin and pretty short. It even takes me some effort to get the bag straps fully hoisted onto my shoulder. If the straps were another inch and a half longer, it would be PERFECT. 

Definitely some rubbing when you wear it cross-body

I tried the cross body method the day I took these photos, and omg, the rubbing became painful, probably more so because my legs were exposed. But just as a heads up, I wouldn't recommend using this bag cross-body unless it really is just filled with (mostly) clothes. 

final recommendation: 

you should get it!  

it depends...  

it's not worth it. 

Despite the minor amount of flaws I pointed out, I almost 100% recommend it to any of you looking for the following kind of bag: 1. something well made, 2. something that won't break the bank, 3. something simple, 4. something spacious, and 5. something easily organizable. 

I have not regretting this purchase for one second, and highly recommend. 

You can find it here

Do you have any work bag recommendations?

I'm always down for discovering other brands/products!

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