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White-Squared + My Style Inspiration

White-Squared + My Style Inspiration I took these photos in March, intending on them to be shared in April when it's still chilly, but now we are in June and I want to share them now rather than save them for the fall. 

So please bare with me! 

Summer in Boston would never allow me to wear a turtleneck and survive xD

I used to be all about black. 

But I don't know why, this season I am all about white. I am almost always buying or looking at clothes that is either in white, or just a more lighter color. It might be the season we are in, or it could just mean that I am finally growing up enough to be responsible to wear white lol 

Either way, this white-squared outfit makes me feel more powerful than when I am wearing a black outfit. And I think that really says something :)


Shirt: UniQlo

Skirt: Francesca's

Shoes: Kork-Ease

My Style Inspiration

You know how in elementary school we are always asked questions like, 'Who's your role model?'. Well, I could never come up with an answer, even as I got older and I got asked these kinds of questions in college applications. 

My style inspiration is the similar kind of question. I cannot come up with a solid answer where it's another human being. 

But my style inspiration is streetwear, and comfortable; simple yet modern; classic yet trendy. Like many things in my life, I don't follow someone else's footsteps, I follow what I desire to get out of it. And I recommend you all to live life like that. 

Who or what is your style inspiration?

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