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What I Wore・Victoria B.C., Canada + Things to Pack for a Short Trip

What I Wore・Victoria B.C., Canada + Things to Pack for a Short Trip

Happy Friday everyone! 

I know I've been back from Victoria for awhile but I haven't posted much about it, and I promise it's coming! 

I typically have a habit to post all my travel posts in one go so I'm starting to stagger it a little bit. 

Check out the outfits I wore to Victoria B.C. below, but also just general outfit inspiration when you are not at a destination for very long :)


A pretty basic outfit, but this is one of my favorites because of how simple it is. I feel like as I get older, I am going towards the simple outfits, with not as much, if any, patterns. 


Again, another simple outfit, but why not? I just love this ensemble, because of how sweet yet feminine it looks. The skirt is a little short for me, but I'll deal ;P


Can we just have a moment of appreciation for trench coats? Because they are actually amazing, but also really easy to throw on and put together with an outfit. 


This has got to be the most fall outfit of the bunch, and honestly, I'm not hating it. Plus, I realize looking at this photo that the flowers all match my shirt!! >_<

Top 5 Things to Pack on a Short Trip

1. Basic Pants 

When I go on short tips, I always pack at least one pair of basic black jeans, and basic blue jeans. 

If I can, I throw in a pair of yoga pants, because those are always a must!

2. Shows you are comfortable walking in

I don't believe in going vacationing in high heels. I think because you're vacationing, you just gotta wear shoes you can walk around in, or even run in. 

3. Bring various tops

I bring basic bottoms, but then for the tops, I go a little bit nutty, because then I can have (technically) a new outfit/day, and that's what I always aim for. 

4. Always pack a light layer/jacket 

No matter where I go, or when I go, I always make sure I bring a light jacket/layer. Even if it's in the middle of the summer, and I know it'll be scolding hot. Because you never know where you'll be, and when you'll need that extra layer. 

5. Style through accessories, not clothes

My outfits are always minimal when I travel, and that's because I always actively change my outfit through accessories. Bandana's are a big one for me, for sure. 

Which was your favorite outfit? 

What's one necessity you always bring with you on a short trip? (style wise)

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