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Stylin'・Valentine's Day Day & Night Outfits

Stylin'・Valentine's Day Day & Night Outfits

Valentine's Day is around the corner and here are my day and night outfits. Unfortunately my bf isn't in the area, so I won't be celebrating V-Day, but these are the outfits I would 100% wear. 

If you want to see the outfit in action, check out the video below! 

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 3.40.35 PM.png

If you made plans during the day, why not stay comfortable yet stylish? 

Some outfits I've seen are not as practical as they should be, especially if the day is filled with walking, or going to places in general. 

Let's face it, not everyone can walk in stilettos for an entire day. Plus it's cold out. 

So for the following outfit, I thought of pairing together a regular pair of jeans, some cute yet comfortable booties, but to spruce things up a little, I added in a v-neck laced top to keep it sexy for the fun filled day. 

And obviously, the coat is becoming my staple. 

Now that it's night time, obviously you gotta kick up the flirt a little. 

But definitely don't forget that it's cold outside! 

I stuck with the pink look and threw on a casual looking pink plaid. However, because it isn't entirely opaque, I wore a bralette underneath (which cannot be seen in the pictures). 

I stuck on a circle skirt that gives me a waist, and obviously, a pair of booties. 

Since it is February, don't forget to keep in mind potential snow or wind. At least in this case, only the legs will be cold, but the feet will be toasty warm! 

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Stylin'・No Snow Winter Outfits

Stylin'・No Snow Winter Outfits

Leather Winter

Leather Winter