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Summer Thunders

Summer Thunders


Shirt: Aeropostale

Skirt: Abercrombie & Fitch 

Shoes: Calvin Klein 

Jewelry: Bauble Bar

Clutch: Ann Taylor

This is my summer go-to outfit honestly. 

I love suede, and even though I used to hate brown, I'm in love with it now. Obviously not a ton, but I love it enough to have enough to make an almost brown outfit. 

Plus, this outfit is so perfect for summer. It's breezy and easy to move around in. 

As a heads up, the thunder clouds in the back was totally coincidental! 

I didn't even realize what I had captured until I uploaded them to write this blog post. 

Still, I totally love the way this outfit turned out especially with the thunderstorm backdrop. 


Also, if you need a place to take some good photos, a parking lot is a better place that you'd think to take these photos. 

Especially since when you are up so high, you get the view behind you as well. 

What's your go-to summer outfit? 

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