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Summer Explorin' + Clarification on Caption

Summer Explorin' + Clarification on Caption


Honestly, this summer isn't just going to be about work, but also about exploring the new city I am in. 

I feel like I should be more scared than I am, but in fact, I am really excited to be in a new city and find the places that call out my name. 

I promise I will share a Boston guide when I feel comfortable enough!

I think the best thing about the summer time isn't just the heat and the fact that you can wear shorts and skirts without stockings. But the best thing is that it is now warm enough for you to go places and explore where you live. 

Even though you can technically explore all year around, I think exploring in the summer (and maybe even the fall) is the best because of how much more motivated you are to go out and enjoy the weather.


I mean, have you ever wanted to go out in the winter? I don't know about you, but when it's cold outside I just want to stay inside, sit in bed, and read. 

Although, when it gets sweltering hot in the summer one can feel the same because they would rather stay in an air conditioned space, but even then, you still will have that itch to enjoy the weather...


Tee: Madewell / Shorts: Primark / Shoes: Kork-Ease / Bag: Boutique in China


Clarification - 'WHAT BOTHERS ME' Caption

On Tuesday I wrote a caption called 'WHAT BOTHERS ME'. If you don't follow me on Instagram you should ;)

WHAT BOTHERS ME • I don’t know about you but I really don’t like it when mega influencers say they try to be relatable but they have a professional photographer (or even videographer) follow them around... does anyone find that relatable? It’s another thing for someone like me have my boyfriend (who always gives me a hard time) take photos for me quickly, in an alley, shy of pedestrian eyes on me. Seriously, does that annoy anyone else?

Some great conversation was generated in the comments section which I definitely did not think about at the time of writing this caption. If you know me at all, you know that my captions are thought of randomly, and almost on a whim. So I'm sorry if this caption offends anyone. I didn't mean it in a negative way. Some of the response were as follows:

The videographer is definitely not that relatable lol.
But using a photographer to make a higher quality post showcasing their outfit or sponsored product doesn’t really bother me. Especially if it’s for a collaboration - I’d rather see higher quality photos in my feed than pixelated or blurry photos. I’ve seen people try to use pixelated or blurry photos to showcase product results, and that’s when I wish they had used a higher quality means of photographing. - @stephanie.s.laurie


Whether you pay a photographer or not isn't my business, but some people don't have friends who are great at photography and would obviously have to pay someone. I would pay a photographer if I could afford it if only to make my life easier and so I wouldn't have to drag my fiancé or sister around. And with that, wouldn't me spending the day taking photos or even posing for photos to use throughout the month also be considered inauthentic? - @camerondufore

Anyways, so here is my clarification comment/caption: 

Yes, there is nothing wrong with producing higher quality content, and striving for that is commendable, especially respectable. I understand that a lot of full time bloggers take it seriously because it's their job and they need to spend money to make money. That is not the problem I have with it. 

The problem I have with it is for mega influencers to have a professional photographer follow them around, take professional photos for them, and then marking it as relatable through a caption. 

It really bothers me when people do that, because it creates an unrealistic image to those who follow them, that their lives should look like that. I studied social media as my undergraduate thesis, and I did see that social media affects a person's brain and attitude towards themselves. 

On the contrary, I've also seen bloggers who have a professional photographer take their photo, but then do not hesitate to also include a blooper in their second photo. To me, that is being realistic, and being extremely relatable, because we can't all be taking professional quality photos you know? 

Even if I somehow become super successful, I don't think I'll ever use the services of a professional photographer, only because I feel like the quality jump will be too much for me to handle. But for those who do, I give you major props because it does take work and effort. I just don't want me words to be misconstrued to mean that I don't respect you for doing so. 

Thank you so much to all who shared their opinion with me, I really appreciate this learning experience <3

Does it get hot where you live? If so, how do you survive the heat?

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