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Stripes & Red + J.Crew Signet Bag Review

Stripes & Red + J.Crew Signet Bag Review


Cards on the table, this shirt is actually a Primark off the shoulder dress I bought ;) 

I'm just wearing it as a shirt because I think it's cute to be worn that way, and it's such a light material that it can be. 

I prefer outfits like these where I can really move around, there is air for me to breath, and there is that usual pop of color intermixed with the usual neutral look I aim for. 

I feel like my fashion styles have really changed recently, where I am starting to incorporate more patterns, bold colors, and various accessories that I would usually not reach out for, like that bandana. 

One of my latest fashion obsessions, is to also use various clothes in my wardrobe to wear it in different ways that will showcase it differently. I feel like in my case, it has worked out! :)

J.Crew Signet Bag 

I've been trying to do some fashion reviews, and I think I've figured out how to do them while showcasing them. Let me know down below if you like this two in one situation :) 

Now, this bag is everything I want in a bag: have a classic shape, be good quality, and fit all my essentials. 

It is excellently made, the handle is sturdy and strong. I will say that if you stuff it to the brim, the handle can dig into your shoulders slightly, but even then it isn't so uncomfortable that you get annoyed. 

I will be doing a what's in my bag soon ;) 

I highly recommend this as a summer bag not only because it can fit a lot, but also because J.Crew offers a wide range of colors for you to choose from. There are the classic black, navy, and brown colors, but there are also the pinks, and the yellows. Plus, you can get it engraved! [I swear, this is not an ad, and this is NOT sponsored!!!]  

One thing I will highlight that I don't see people talking about, is that it comes with a functional lock and key, so it's very great for traveling! I plan on using it a lot during my travels ;)


Shirt: Primark

Shorts: Forever 21


Sunglasses: Gentle Monster

Bandana: J Crew

BagJ Crew

To be entirely honest, I actually paired this outfit by mistake, and ended up loving it enough that I decided to showcase it. I love it when I put together an outfit and it brings such surprises <3 Even though last year's me would never be caught dead in such an outfit, this years me loves it!

What's one thing in your style revolution you still do/use today?

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