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Street Plaid + Staying Positive in a Negative World

Street Plaid + Staying Positive in a Negative World

NOTE: I posted this without realizing that I never wrote any commentary πŸ˜‚ We all make mistakes haha 

This outfit is definitely not weather appropriate right now (unless you live in Florida, California, or Hawaii... or anywhere else in the world that is hot right now haha), but I still wanted to post this, just because even though this outfit isn't my favorite, it's important to me that you realize not every great outfit has to look good, but it should also feel comfortable too. And this is one majorly comfy outfit! 


Have you ever worn an outfit and just wanted it to look right because you were too lazy to really think about it? 

Well, that basically sums up my style haha 

I'm always lazy, but I also like to look good. Now, most people thing that that's a weird combo and probably a bad combo for what I do, but hey, I've managed to make it work thus far! That means that being lazy + wanting to be stylish is possible. 

So for all those lazy bones out there that think you cannot look good and be lazy at the same time, I'm basically living proof that its doable. 

And want to know how thats doable? Just by believing in yourself and remaining positive. If you keep doing you, then your style will come through. Just look what happened to me 


How to Stay Positive in a Negative World 

In 2017, the world became a lot more negative. Not just politically (I live in the US, enough said) but also environmentally (Californian fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, the works), and psychologically (shootings). 

And through it all, I've managed to stay as positive as I can, so I thought, considering the new year, I would share with you how I've managed to not only stay positive in such a negative world, but also remained sane.

1. Enjoy the little moments. 

Sometimes we can get caught up in the big moments. We can get caught up in all the things we have yet accomplished, the changes we have yet seen, and the love that has not yet been realized. But it's important to realize that while we are thinking about all these yet-to-have-happened major things, that we enjoy the little moments in our lives. The moment where we finished taking an exam, the moment it started pouring in the middle of the day and you're sitting inside, the moment where you are catching up with friends you don't see often anymore, and the moment where you get to smile and tell someone you love them. 

Learn to love those moments, to focus on those moments, and to enjoy those moments, especially while those last. 

2. Believe in yourself, and in humankind. 

Honestly, throughout 2017, I kind of lost my belief in humankind. There were so many negative things happening that didn't need to happen. But I realized that if one less person believed in humankind, then it would create a ripple effect, where those I know may be affected by the way I viewed humankind. And I did not want that to happen. So I started believing in myself, and in humankind. Because despite all the bad things that have happened, there have also been numerous good things as well. And those bad people are only one in a million, while the rest of the 999, 999 beings are good, honest, and kind people. And that's all that matters. 

3. Remind yourself that no matter how bad things are at that moment (political, environmental, global, etc.) it will all be better in the future. 

The U.S. Presidency only lasts for 4 years, in 3 years, we don't know who is going to be present. I, for one, hope its going to Joe Biden and Oprah Winfrey as VP. But that's just a pipe dream haha 

Still, not everything last forever, and neither will all these bad things. Yes, some wounds will take longer to heal, and some wounds may never heal (RIP to all those who have passed in shootings and natural disasters). But in the end, everything will pass, and we will learn to smile again. 

4. Avoid reading too much news. 

Honestly, I've heard some people argue that not reading the new is just avoiding things. And for me, I'm okay with that. There was a period in 2017 where I read the news consistently for about 2-3 days, and at the end of those 2-3 days I have some serious depressive symptoms. I felt like the world was going to implode, there was no more light left in the world, etc etc. And that was when I realized that I can't read the news. 

There's nothing wrong with reading headlines though! It's good to know in general what's going on, but going too in-depth can sometimes be more harmful that useful. 

Although, please feel free to agree to disagree with me on this one :)

5. Surround yourself with those who can give you some of their positivity. 

In general, I'm a pretty positive person. But not as positive as others. In my life, I can name a handful of people who, as soon as I spend 5 minutes with them, I feel like such a brighter and happier person. That's how I know that those people are worth my time. Because if they spread, even a little bit of their positivity to you, then you can pass that on to other people, and it then leads to a chain of positivity. 

While this tip is used in this way, it's important to remember that this tip applies to life and friendships in general. You don't want negative minded people in your life anyway, they suck out way too much energy!


T-Shirt: Madewell 

Plaid: 2020Ave 

Leggings: Adidas 

Shoes: Timberland


What is your lazy-day stylish outfit? 
And how do you stay positive in such a negative world? 

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