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Spring Transition + How to Layer Without Looking Like It

Spring Transition + How to Layer Without Looking Like It


I am ready for Spring! 

Mostly because I'm ready to bust out my non-winter jackets, but jackets that are too heavy for summer time. Or, basically, fall jackets. 

Either way, I need winter to be over!!!! 


Plaid Jacket: Forever 21 

Inner Jacket: North Face

Shirt: Uni Qlo 

Jeans: American Eagle

Shoes: Timberland

Scarf: Unknown

Belt: Nordstrom

Please don't tell me I'm the only one excited for spring! 

I am ready to bust out all my colored clothes and just celebrate the beginning of life. Although, it's still freeeezing over here, but I am still channelling my inner sunshine to wear colored outfits. 

I think sometimes it's easy to remain in a fashion rut when it's cold and gloomy outside, but it's just as important to dress to make yourself happy and content. If that means wearing bright pink in the cold days, then do it. If that means going out for a photoshoot wearing outfits that aren't weather appropriate, then do it too. Just remember to look forward, and not backward. 


How to Layer without Looking Like It 

1. Wear a really big scarf 

Big scarves cover your layers. They don't make your outfit look bulky or layered even. 

2. Layer within 

For example, layer under your main top. In this outfit I layered over my main top (because I cannot find my tanks!) but if I wanted to I could've added a turtleneck underneath this top and that would've created an extra layer. 

Or, layer under your big/main jacket. So here I put a down compact coat under my plaid coat, and that gave me extra warmth. 

3. Stick with tight bottoms 

Layering can cause your top half look kind of bulky. While people may say wearing tight bottoms make it look even more bulky, I actually think wearing tight bottoms slims down the bulky look. 

4. Wear a long coat 

Like the one I'm wearing basically. The reason being is that it will cover all your layers! This coat is long enough that it covers my inner coat. 

What are some of your favorite closet layering items? 

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