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Soft Steps

Soft Steps

New England's Fall is slowly feeling like winter and it's coming way earlier than anticipated. However, that doesn't stop me from busting out some color that just happens to match my hair.

The top I chose is flowy and soft, but also reminds me of summer. Since it is see-through, I wore a cute bralette underneath to give it some contrast.

My ripped jeans however, scream winter because of it's dark grey complexion.

But why only have color on your body when you can also have it on your feet?

I'm still in awe of these shoes, although they are extremely high so I need to get used to wearing heels again.

But I still love the weather, even though it's so cold.

Shirt: Korea

Pants: American Eagle

Shoes: Selfridges

It makes layering outfits fun and exciting. It brings out a different kind of creativity than just a floral dress for spring, or a pair of denim jeans for the summer. You can really mix and match in this weather, and that makes it worth getting up in the morning.

(Although I will admit that I was freeeeezing in this outfit ;P)

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