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Simply Fall

Simply Fall

Fall is all about the reds, oranges, and berrys, but sometimes it's nice to wear super neutral colors against a beautiful colorful backdrop. 

So why not wear those neutral colors and pop from the scenery around you? 

Fashion and style isn't season specific. Of course, there are certain pieces that is more season appropriate, but that doesn't mean you cannot wear those pieces outside of that season. (It's all about layering/de-layering!) 

I am getting more and more into leather jackets, and pairing certain outfits with my leather jacket in mind. But I think I need a black leather jacket. 

Jacket: Goodwill 

Shirt: Walmart 

Jeans: American Eagle 

Shoes: ZooShoo 

I'm all about thrifting and that's where I got this leather jacket but I think I am ready for an investment...what do you think? 

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Red at the Park

Red at the Park

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