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Simplest of all Outfits + Berry Picking

Simplest of all Outfits + Berry Picking

If you can tell me what outfit can be more simpler than a summer dress and white sneakers, I will *virtually* bow down to you, and call you 'Master of Styling' :P

This outfit is honestly the most mindless of them all, but also screams summer and simplicity. 

I am all about wearing clothes that I am comfortable in, and that is good for the activity I am doing. 


Dress: Target

Shoes: MadewellxPony 

Kimono: H&M

Bag: Phase3/Nordstrom

But speaking of having a good activity, let's talk about berry picking! 

If you have never gone berry picking, I don't know what to tell you other than...GO IMMEDIATELY. 

I think out of all summer activities, u-picking/berry picking is one of my favorites. And here's why: you are immersed in nature, you are picking some fresh fruit, and you are interacting with other people. 

Just in general, berry picking is the best. Yes, the nearest u-pick might be far, but I always find that it's worth the trip. 

And as you can see from my pictures, it's important to be comfortable when going berry picking ;) 

When summer rolls around, what's the number 1 summer activity you ALWAYS do?

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