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Motored Up

Motored Up

Blue is not a new color. It's actually probably one of the few colors that almost everyone loves, and it is a color I enjoying the most. 

But what I love more about wear blue, is trying to incorporate not only different shades of blue, but also different textures of blue. But as you can see from this outfit, I like being kind of matchy matchy. 

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It cannot be any more classic than white and blue. 

But the outfit just gives me the feeling of being ready to take a trip, and to go places. It makes me really wish I didn't have school left... 

But that's also what's great about this outfit, is that it gives me a positive edgy feeling that helps me power through school. And I encourage all to wear clothes that makes them feel good, mentally and physically. 


Jacket: ASOS

Shirt: South Korea 

Pants: American Eagle 

Belt: American Eagle

Shoes: MadewellxPony

Sunglasses: QuayxShay

Porcelain Flowers

Porcelain Flowers

Badass Chic

Badass Chic