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More Than Fashion + Thoughts About Time & 'How To Stop Time' Review

More Than Fashion + Thoughts About Time & 'How To Stop Time' Review


Today I am sharing with you all how I feel about my blog being seen as what it is. 

I know there are a lot of fashion bloggers out there who may be wearing more trendier clothes that I am, purchasing the newest and the best of everything, but what is it that sets me apart? 

Well, continue reading and I will share it with you!

I don't want to be seen as just a fashion blogger.

I want to be more than that. 

I want my clothes to show that fashion isn't just about the clothes, but also about the person wearing the clothes. That no matter how simple or plain an outfit is, it is the person that matters.

But also, it is hard as a blogger to write about just fashion, especially when the day I post these blog posts are called 'Fashion Fridays'. 

Which is why when you read any of my Fashion Friday posts, I am sharing with you more than just my outfit. 

I am sharing with you tips and tricks to look fashionable, my favorite current styles, etc. It is always beyond what I'm wearing, but also how I can help you to achieve your confident from external sources. And I hope my blog posts have been doing that, and have been unique in that. 


Shirt: Primark

Skirt: UniQlo

Shoes: Timberland

Thoughts about Time

Time is an elusive thing. When we are young, we think we have an infinite amount of it. When we are old, we are suddenly aware of how little we actually have of it. 

But what many don't share with us is that time is relative. Every second that goes by is another second wasted, but time is not our enemy. Our enemy is ourselves. 

When we don't use our time wisely, we are giving time the advantage. Time is always moving forward. 

But that isn't to say that for every second of our lives, we should be full steam ahead. No, what I mean is that for every second of our lives, we should be living it well, to the point where if we had to review the last minute of our lives, we will not regret any of the 60 seconds. 

'How To Stop Time' by Matt Haig Review

This book is beautiful. It is not only a beautiful novel, but is also written in a way that makes you think of the time you have already spent, and the time you have left. 

Not going to lie, the format of it is my least favorite kind (where every chapter is in a different time and place) but even that still made me enjoy it, and actually, I think I enjoyed it more because of the format. 

If you are looking for a philsophical yet beautifully written love story about time and ourselves, I highly recommend this book. I think it was one of the quickest novels I've ever finished. 

I bought it on Kindle, and I even want to buy the physical copy so I'll always have it near me. It's that good!

What are your thoughts about time?

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