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Modern 'Cowgirl' + Q&A Link

Modern 'Cowgirl' + Q&A Link


Fun Fact: The name of this outfit is actually because my boyfriend thought I looked like a cowgirl in this outfit. Which I do not see, but he doesn't understand fashion so...I gave him a free pass haha But let me know in the I look like a cowgirl in this outfit?! xD

I have a story to share with you this post, so scroll down to check out what the story is ;) 


When I first started doing fashion ootd's on my blog, I would just share the photo and the outfit deets. For the longest time, I didn't really know what kind of stuff to write in the actual blog post. Does anyone know? 

And then when I started engaging with other bloggers who did fashion posts, I noticed how sparse their post was in terms of writing. I know most people don't read the posts, but I wanted substance as well as quality. 

So that's when I started slowly sharing something extra along with the photos. Whether that was fashion tips/advice, or some random story about my life. 

I don't know about you, but I started finding these OOTD's a lot more interactive and interesting, rather than just people scrolling for 2 seconds to see some photos. 

So anyways, in this Friday's Fashion Friday post, I am sharing with you the option to ask me any question you have for me. It can be blog related, IG related, relationship related (I don't talk about my relationship much BUT I do like talking about it if I get asked...) or just anything random you want to know about me really. 

Keep your eyes peeled though - at the end of the month I have a short reader's survey coming your way! I want to constantly improve myself and tsd, so please help me out then! 

I can't wait to answering your questions :) [You can also submit them in the comments haha either way submit away!] 


Hat: Tobi 

Shirt: H&M 

Scarf: Vince Camuto 

Belt: Uni Qlo

Pants: Levis

Shoes: Timberland

Q&A Submission Form

Let me know what questions you got for me! I'm down to share *most* my life with you all!

Should I do the Q&A with an ootd or in a separate post? 

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