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Modern 90's + 5 Tips for the Classic 90's Look

Modern 90's + 5 Tips for the Classic 90's Look

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Ready for the simplest outfit I've ever put together? 

Although, if you've been a fan of my blog for awhile, you know that most of my outfits are never super complicated haha But hey, I keep my outfits real, and make sure it's items that you can find in either your wardrobe, or your mother's/grandmother's wardrobe. Also check out the tips I put together for that 90's look!


As simple as this outfit is, it is honestly one of my favorites. I can't imagine not wearing this outfit around the spring/summer/fall time. I might even have broken it out during winter if I put a turtleneck under it. 

I know this outfit is crazy simple, but honestly sometimes we forget that we don't need a super complicated outfit. This outfit is a mix of both formal and casual, hence one of my favorites. 


Shirt: Uniqlo 

Belt: Nordstrom 

Jeans: Levi's

Shoes: Adidas Stan Smiths


5 Tips for a 90's Look 


1. Wear white sneakers 

Whenever I see white sneakers, I immediately think of 90's, especially because back then, I felt like the look was more simplistic. 

Now, in the world today, Adidas almost dominates the white sneaker trend (because, to be fair, they do it right), but don't forget that Keds and Vans also make white sneakers, so don't fret, you'll find one at every price point! 

Examples: VansKedsAdidas

2. Wear a faded blue denim

If you look at the classic 90's look, the color of the denim is usually faded, and it almost looks like it's been worn and washed a few times before it hit the runway. 

So try to find a denim like that. My pair is from Levi's, but of course, there are many places to purchase denim jeans. 

Examples: Levi'sNordstromUniQlo

3. Roll up the bottom of your denim so your ankle is visible 

Especially if your jeans are a little bit of a looser fit, this gives off the boyfriend skinny vibe, and that's definitely what you want to go for. 

Now, don't roll like crazy. Rolling it twice is more than enough. You only need enough where it shows your ankles, but it won't cut off your leg. 


4. Wear a loose white shirt 

Or it can be a tight white shirt, as long as it's a white shirt. 

I prefer wearing a loose white button down when I go for the 90's look, just because I feel like it makes the entire look more classic and simple. 

Examples: UniQloH&MJ.Crew

5. Keep the accessories at a bare minimum 


Make sure you don't go crazy with the accessories. Having a simple pendant necklace and studs is more than enough. If you are a statement necklace wearer, then your 90's look may be more of a revamped 90's, than classic 90's ;) 

At least in my personal opinion :) 

Please remember that even though I'm giving these tips, these are based on personal opinions of what I think consists of a 90's look. But fashion is all about individuality, so change what you may. 

Do you like this 90's trend? Or is it not enough/too much for you? 

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