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Keepin' Things Real + What I Don't Like About Myself

Keepin' Things Real + What I Don't Like About Myself


I am constantly reading and looking at photos of other fashion bloggers that have not only been filtered, but also show their most flattering angle. 

Today I am sharing with you not only the least flattering photos ever, but am also going to share with you what I don't like about myself. 

For me, it's important that I share with you all the good and bad side. But also, don't think I'm always this self-deprecating xD

Okay so I know the real reason why I do not like these photos is not a bad thing. 

I bought these pants last summer, when I was at my heaviest. But when I took these photos, I had lost some weight which meant the pants I had purchased were really lose on my when these photos were taken. 

Which meant that the pants in this photo was not hugging my figure in the way I wanted it to. 

Yes, such a trivial reason to not like the photos. 

Still, these are probably one of the least flattering set of photos my boyfriend has ever taken of me, and I can't even blame him for it >_<


Shirt: Uniqlo

Pants: Levi's

Shoes: UGG

What I don't like about myself (Externally)

NOTE: I recognize that I am luckier than most, in that despite my external shortcomings I am internally healthy. Please understand that I do not want this post to offend anyone, other than offer the insight that despite my displays on my blog and social media, I am not without my own physical flaws. 

1. Arm fat

You can't see it in these photos, but whenever I wear a tee or any sort of arm exposing top, you can see how fatty my arms are. It's also the kind of weight that makes my arms look funny when I hold them close to my body. 

2. Weird fat on my knees that make my leg look weird

You can kind of see it in this photo...but basically all the fat on my knee is concentrated on the inner side of my knee, which means that whenever I wear a skirt, shorts, or pose, I have to be wary about how it looks. 

3. How easy it is for weight to gain on my face

This one is kind of lame honestly, but I notice that as soon as I gain any weight, it almost immediately comes to my face first, specifically under my chin. It really sucks because that means I can only move my face in a specific direction to have the photo be flattering. 

Do you like these kinds of posts, where I share with you my real thoughts and feelings?
Or do you prefer the regular kinds of posts i.e. good photos of me and my outfit + a style tip etc?

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