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Stylin'・Embroidered Denim

Stylin'・Embroidered Denim

Embroidery is every where nowadays and as the new spring trend, I thought I would help you guys out by giving some tips for how I style embroidered denim :) 

Don't worry, since embroidery is everywhere, this won't be the last of the series ;) 

Tip #1: Understate everything else. 

I find that because embroidery uses a whole range of colors, it's sometimes better to keep pattern and colors to a minimum so the colors of the embroidery can really pop. 

Below, I kept everything else to the bare minimum and just let the denim jacket do the talking for me :) 

Of course, we can't always wear a turtleneck with a denim jacket, so a t-shirt works too!

Tip #2: If you can't beat it, join it. 

Sometimes you just want to style blue with blue, and personally, I've always been against wearing too much of the same color, or the same shade of the color. 

But then again, fashion is about wearing whatever the hell you want, so this is no exception either! 

However, below I still chose to keep the color contrast, just so it isn't so much blue haha

Tip #3: Bring out the colors you want to bring out. 

Like I said before, embroidery uses so much color that sometimes it's all the eye can see. 

But if there are a few colors you enjoy in the embroidered pattern, use those colors to style the inside. 

It's hard to see but on my jacket there are a lot of bright pinks and colors in the orange family, so I chose to make that color stick out. Plus, it also highlights the blue denim :)


Denim Jacket: Primark 

(Primark doesn't list everything it sells, and half the fun is to shop in person ;)) 

Do you have any additional tips? What would you like to see me style next? 

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