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Greenhouse Colors + Reader Survey to Improve TSD

Greenhouse Colors + Reader Survey to Improve TSD


I used to really hate layering like this. 

But then I was getting bored with my outfits so I decided to give this layering a try and I actually really loved it! 

Do you ever try a trend and think you won't like it but in actuality you really enjoy it and it looks better than you think? 


Turtleneck: Uni Qlo 

Tank: Local Boutique

Pants: Levis

Shoes: Lavish Alice

My school has a greenhouse that is actually pretty amazing. Every semester they have a specially prepared flower show around October/March and it always attracts a lot of locals as well as students. 

What's great about those times is that it brings people to the greenhouse. I love going to the greenhouse, but sometimes life gets the better of you and you forget about it because you got so much work to get done. 

I asked my friend who works there if they are still going to be open during Spring Break and she says it will be. I told her we should go again this year to do a photo-shoot, because we did that our first-year. Sometimes you forget what happened in the past until something triggers it in your mind... 

So anyway, this was just a long winded way of me encouraging you to find your local greenhouse. 


2018 TSD Reader Survey

One of my favorite blogs, Southern Belle in Training, did one recently and I thought it was a great idea. This is my first time doing a reader survey and I definitely think it's about time. 

I like constantly bettering myself and this blog, so please take a few moments out of your day to answer the following questions! I really want to see what you enjoy the most/least, and what else I should add :) 

Which kind of posts do you enjoy THE MOST?
What kind of posts should I do MORE OF?
Do you enjoy Monthly Mantra's?
Do you like email subscriptions to other blogs?
Do you read email subscriptions by other blogs?
How do you keep up with my blog posts?
Do you trust me when I say you should/shouldn't get a certain product?

What other questions should I have added in this reader survey? 

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