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Gentle Monster 'Cuba 503' Review

Gentle Monster 'Cuba 503' Review


Gentle Monster has been on my wish list for an extremely long time, and mostly because a friend of mine got a pair, and I saw how classic the shapes were. However, they are crazy expensive, so I've been holding off on spending $200+ on a pair of sunglasses :P But in my recent trip to Seoul, I was at Incheon Airport, and saw their store front and decided to go check it out.

Big mistake! 

I saw that their prices were $185. I still thought they were expensive, but I was in love with the shape of Cuba 503 which fit my frame perfectly.

When I went back, I checked online, and in the States they sell for $230. I immediately bought them at the airport, and it was duty free :P

After wearing them a good couple of times, I can give you my honest review. HOWEVER, I must clarify here that this review is mainly just for this style of sunglasses I bought. I will review the general brand towards the end.

Let's get into it!

Cuba 503

One of the things I loved about this style of sunglasses is that it was square and it just looked good. Most of the times, whenever I tried these kinds of styles, they were either too big, or too small, and/or just felt weird.

The gold bar on the side is extremely gorgeous since it gives it a hint of color.


The nose piece is also made of plastic, but it isn't black like the frame. It's clear.

I will say that the only thing I am annoyed with these sunglasses is that the nose piece is clear and plastic. It is definitely a pain to wear them in hot humid weather because if you sweat a lot, it slides down and can definitely get annoying.

There is a good weight to these sunglasses, and definitely feel high quality.

The joints of the sunglasses are extremely sturdy and doesn't feel cheap at all (which it isn't lol).

The glass part of the sunglasses definitely protects my eyes from the sun. It doesn't hurt when I look into the sun (which I do not recommend anyone doing!) so that's good.

Gentle Monster

The brand overall is extremely well made, and well respected within Korea.

Since it is a Korean brand, I believe in it's quality and am very thankful for having my own pair. It definitely makes me want more in the future, you know, when I have the money to spare lol Or when I'm back in Korea xD

They also give you a beautiful leather case. It isn't a hard case but a soft one.

I think if I was to really complain about anything, it would be the case. It's a pain in the butt sometimes. It definitely protects the sunglasses well, but the closing and opening of the case is just annoying, especially when you know you want to protect them, but will also need to use it soon.


They also come with a cleaning cloth, which I got no complaints about.

Overall though, it's a good brand, and I love these sunglasses.

If you have the money to spare, or if you want to save up for these sunglasses, I highly recommend them.

Check them out here.

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