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Fiery Neutral + How I Gained Confidence in front of the Camera

Fiery Neutral + How I Gained Confidence in front of the Camera

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Despite the photos of this post, I want to tell you that I was never this comfortable in front of the camera. And not going to lie, sometimes I'm still not feeling too good. 

But then I wear outfits like these and I suddenly feel power within myself starting to spew out as confidence, and all of a sudden I feel good. So here is a very personal post, in how I learnt to become comfortable in front of another person's perspective/the camera. 


Sweater: ZARA 

Skirt: Uniqlo 

Shoes: Lavish Alice

This outfit, by some people's eyes, can look really boring. But then I throw on the shoes, and then it becomes interesting and different. 

Whenever I wear the shoes, I always get so many compliments. They are seriously some of my favorite shoes, and I can't wait to wear them more. Fun fact of these shoes, I purchased them years ago, and I haven't been able to wear them until this past 6 months since I've lost weight πŸ˜‚ But when I got them, I was and still is so in love with them that I just couldn't bear to return them or resell them. Glad I held onto them! 

A story of How I Gained Confidence in front of the Camera

I've been blogging since 2014, but I haven't really started seriously blogging about fashion until around 2016 in my old Wordpress blog. But then I was growing bored with just make up reviews, so I decided to add some fashion posts as well, especially because I always had people complimenting my fashion sense. 

However, back in the day, I only did bird's eye view fashion photos, where you would basically only be able to see a bit of my shirt, and then my pants and shoes. 

It wasn't until the past year and a bit, since I received a nice camera, that I began to venture out into getting my full outfit, with my face and shirt taken. 

Not going to lie, I have some serious body issues. The saying is that everyone is their own worst critic, and that really rings true to me. Not only am I the worst critic on myself, I am also an over thinker, and an over worrier. You can imagine that this triple combo is basically the death of my psyche. But since getting the camera from my boyfriend, and had him and a few of my close friends take photos of me, I've learnt to let it go. Sometimes, not going to lie, its out of necessity. 

For example, when doing this shoot, I was extremely self-conscious. There were a few people walking by, and I basically wanted to get out of there. As much as I love taking photos, I hate to have others think that I'm a narcissist (here is my over thinking quality shining through). Sometimes I even leave a spot I wanted to shoot at because there were too many people... 

When my boyfriend, sister, and friends take photos for me, I usually get about 50-60 photos/outfit. And of those, you only see less than 10, and that's because I am constantly thinking 'oh, my legs don't look good here', 'wait, what am I doing with that hand?!', and/or 'ew, my mouth looks funny' (my over worrier aspect shining through here). 

However, despite these insecurities, like I previously said, I've learned to let them go, sometimes out of necessity, and it actually becomes more fruitful that I think. In the past, I would never have posted some of these photos, because I feel that they are 1. too blurry, and 2. not helpful enough to showcase the outfit. 

But after seeing these photos on my computer screen, I could see my inner confidence shine through, despite all the worries I went through in those 5 minutes of actually taking these photos. After this shoot, I realized that all of the pain I was going through was because of myself. Since then, I've learned to just have fun with it, especially if the person behind the camera is someone I am close with. 


If you are a style blogger, how have you embraced the camera? 
If you are not, how does being in front of a camera effect you? 

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