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Fall to the Max

Fall to the Max

Sometimes no matter how your day is going, you just gotta find the good in it. You gotta explore around to find something interesting in an otherwise normal life. And who want's normal?!

I don't.

I want my life to be as abnormal as possible. I want to experience everything while I can, learn all that I can learn, and live a full life.

That's why this blog exists, so I can enjoy my passions while I still can.

But just because I want to experience my life to the fullest, doesn't mean I don't have to dress comfortably.

Sweater: ASOS

Plaid shirt: Korea

Leggings: Aritzia

Shoes: River Island

I think pushing boundaries is good. But sometimes you need a little something in your life to keep you grounded. And my wardrobe does that for me.

So I encourage you to try new things, but to remember who you are.

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Soft Steps

Soft Steps

Suede, please.

Suede, please.