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Dagne Dover 'Landon Carryall' Review

Dagne Dover 'Landon Carryall' Review

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I have been dying to own a Dagne Dover bag for awhile, and I finally got my hands on it! 

I purchased the Landon Carryall in Large, and below is my honest review. 

This bag was not given to me, and I am not sponsored by Dagne Dover to write such review. Please remember that all reviews of all products are based on my true feelings, and I would never write something I do not mean, or omit something that isn't positive on the product. 


The name type of this bag, is absolutely the perfect descriptor. It really is just a carry all... if you are to go to the gym or school, you can absolutely fit everything you need in here without needing any more extra space. 

If you get the large, it is perfect for a weekend getaway, or as an airport carry-on. 

Comfortable to carry even when heavy 

Honestly, I purchased the large because, of the three sizes, this was the only one that would be able to fit my laptop (I have the 2015 Macbook Pro 15" and it fits PERFECTLY!). 

And my laptop is quite heavy so even though it definitely adds weight onto the bag, even when I carry it on my shoulders, it feels really comfortable...which is so weird! I'm used to carrying a bag with my laptop and start feeling my shoulder's ache after half an hour. But not with this bag. The straps make it really comfortable because it's so nicely padded. 

One thing I will say is kind of annoying is that even though the laptop sleeve fits my Macbook quite snuggly, if the bag is not expanded (i.e the ends of the zipper popping out) but in it's rectangular form, it does get difficult to put your laptop in. You gotta really push it in. 


One of the things that drew my attention to Dagne Dover bags (and drew my attention multiple times) is that they believe in designing bags that are efficient for the modern woman. 

While I don't consider myself a modern 'woman', I do consider myself a bag over-packer. I like to be prepared, just in case, and this bag absolutely gives me hope that I'm not the only one. Anything you honestly need, it'll fit in here, plus more. 

Now, one thing I'm confused by is that the bag was supposed to have a water bottle holder? Not quite sure where that is in the bag I purchased... but because both sides of the bag has a large pocket with velcro attachments, I just use one side of the pocket as a water bottle holder. 

This bag also comes with a nice shoe bag, and a removable pouch, that I honestly think is perfect for a small wallet, earphones, or keys. 

Good quality 

I am usually a strictly leather kind of gal, but honestly, this bag makes me question my fabric choices. This bag is so light on it's own, that the only real weight I'm carrying is my things. 

The quality of the neoprene fabric is really soft to the touch, and malleable to the perfect about. Unless you are over-packing to the point of stuffing, this bag will not lose it's boxy shape. And I'm okay with that.  

Phone pocket is the best thing ever! 

If you watch my first impressions up there, you would've seen my discovery and surprise at the awesome phone pocket! Now, it's actually super awesome, because even though it doesn't look very big, it fits my iPhone 7+ easily, with room to spare. 

The only thing I find annoying is that once you put the bag on your shoulder, if you are carrying it by the shorter straps, that pocket isn't easily accessible unless you kind of take off the bag, or slide it down your arm. That's the only real 'con' of that, but it's still awesome, and I wish other bags in the market had that feature!

Stay standing

Honestly, this is just one giant tote bag. And my usual experience with tote bags is that as soon as you put anything in it, it'll end up tilting to one side, or fall completely on the floor. Which is also why I am picky with tote bags. 

But ever since using this, it stays standing! And even when it tilts (which it only tilts with my laptop in it) it is still very much standing on the table. Even if it falls though, it's very easy to bring it back up again. 

There are no buttons or studs at the bottom of the just stays up :O Can we just give this bag a round of applause for that alone? 


This bag is meant for a weekend getaway in my opinion, so naturally, it is expandable, if you're really packing it to the brim. 

Extra space is always a plus!

Cross body strap is mostly comfortable 

For the size of the bag, and the amount it can hold, it is a very worthy strap. My only beef with it is that there is no shoulder pad that would make it even more comfortable (wish they could put the padding on the shorter straps on this longer one) and it can get slippery depending on what you are wearing.

I will say though, their body strap is pretty standard, so you would encounter this problem with other bags with this strap.  

I know this review is basically all positive, but this is just a really awesome bag that I'm extremely happy to own. I honestly had a moment where I thought purchasing this bag might've been a mistake because I wasn't sure what I could use it for. But it's been a life saver on multiple occasions, so I do not regret it at all! 

I really want their Simone Satchel next, especially as I'm graduating from college soon and need to enter the work force. That's the next one I have my eye on! 

Final Recommendation: 

You should get it!

→ It depends... 

It's not worth it. 

You're probably wondering why I chose the 'it depends...' option considering how glowing this review is right? Well, like most bags that are over $100, I am always considering it an investment. So purchase this bag if you think you really need it in your life.

For the most part, I think you should get it if you check the following boxes: you go to the gym regularly, you have a 15" laptop, you are an over/cautious packer, and/or you prefer oversized things than smaller things. As long as you check off most of these boxes, then yes, you should get it. (BTW, this list is NOT exhaustive.) 

You can find the Landon Carryall here (link not affiliated). 

What is a bag you consider to be a life-saver? 

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