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Edgy Black + 'Crazy Rich Asians' Movie Review

Edgy Black + 'Crazy Rich Asians' Movie Review


I don't usually share my outfits so soon after I've worn them, but I just got too excited. And also because I am in loooooove with this new movie that I just HAD to share!

I promise that this review has NO SPOILERS. It's just based on the general story line and how it made me feel. You can scroll down to read it :)


Outfit details

Tee: Everlane

Belt: Nordstrom

Jeans: Levi's

Shoes: Dr. Martens

My style has been evolving in the last few years to the point where I can't even call my style 'edgy' anymore. Now it's just more 'classic' and 'simple'. 

So I've been really struggling with my Dr. Marten's especially. I used to be more badass with my outfits, and now I just don't even know how to reinsert that part of myself into my style. But then I put together this outfit and honestly, even though it's pretty simple, I feel like a badass. Isn't it crazy how just one pair of shoes can invoke a certain kind of feeling?


I got the most amazing chance to watch Crazy Rich Asians before it came out and omg, I am so excited to share with you my thoughts and review on this movie. Yes, I am biased in that I LOVE the book series (I own the physical copy of them all), and this type of movie is near and dear to my heart, but other than that, I am not sponsored by Warner Bro's Entertainment to share this with you. I am just super excited! Okay, let's get into it...

WARNING: No spoilers ;)

The movie almost follows the book to a T

I was actually worried that it wouldn't, that they would skip some story lines because of how busy the original book is. But nope, they followed it almost to a T. And that's most likely because the author of CRA was actually the writer and producer for the movie. (Although don't fully quote me on that...) 

But if you loved the book, then this movie will be a visualized version of it. Even the prologue is included ;)

It feels more funny than the book

Honestly, the book was hilarious because of Kevin Kwan's writing. But because they visualized all the funny moments on screen, it felt more funny. But also, they added extra dialogue for the comedic characters that just upped the laughter. 

Even if you want to watch it for some funny comebacks, it's a great option.

It's a movie with strong Asian females, where the males are secondary

Near the end of the movie, I realized that basically the entire movie was female centric. It was about Eleanor Young, Nick's mother, trying to intimidate and discredit Rachel. It was about Rachel try to earn the respect of Nick's female elders. It was about Astrid being proud of who she is and where she's from. Honestly, Nick could've totally been non-existent in most of the movie and it still would've worked. 

It was a breathe of fresh air where the Asian female wasn't written as the traditional and stereotypical tiger mom or a vixen. The Asian female was 3-dimensional in this movie.

You will cry/tear up

What I least expected from this movie was to cry. But I totally cried. Not just in certain scenes, which, obviously I won't spoil it for you, but also when I heard Chinese music being played. I did not expect that in this movie either, because it never happens. 

But this movie is just such a break through that almost everything made me either 1. super excited, or 2. super proud.

It's very flamboyant, and almost comical

Let's be real, this is a movie, and even though Kevin Kwan based it on what he knows, the entire premise of the movie is that it is supposed to be super over the top, to the point of being comical. So just keep that in mind when you watch it. That shouldn't be something that makes you hate it, because it's meant to be a satire almost.

It gives every character the appropriate screen time

If you've read the books (if you haven't, you should really read them!) you should know that at one time, there are multiple story lines going on. And honestly, I was scared that they wouldn't do a good job...but they totally did a GREAT job! I never left one scene wanting more. They paced it so well I just wanted the movie to keep going...

Final verdict: WATCH IT

Even if you're not Asian (which, btw, the audience composition when I watch it was that Asian's didn't even make up 50%...) you will still laugh, cry, and root for Rachel. 

I think this is one of the few romantic comedies in recent years that have actually given me all the feels. And I think this is the ONLY romantic comedy that has actually been moving enough to make me cry. So if that says anything, you should go watch it when it comes out August 15th.

I already want it to come out on digital so I can buy it and just watch it all the time...

Are you going to be watching this movie?!

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