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Casual Tie-In

Casual Tie-In


Jacket: Madewell 

Jumper/Sweater: ASOS

Jeans: American Eagle 

Shoes: Madewell 

I said last week that I love comfort, well, this week the outfit is even more comfortable! 

Laced-Up sweaters have become all the rage recently (I would say the past 2 months?) but I have had this sweater for about a year or so, and I love it. 

Even though the material isn't exactly soft, it isn't scratchy either. 

It keeps me warm and the details in the sweater give my outfit an extra oomph. 

I also pair my plaid coat from Madewell with my pair of white sneakers because I love having a similar color palette tie-in, and throwing in this sweater was just the perfect bonus. 

What's your favorite fall trend? 

Shoe Collection

Shoe Collection

Flowery Winter

Flowery Winter