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Bringing Back Embroidery + How To Enjoy the Embroidery Trend

Bringing Back Embroidery + How To Enjoy the Embroidery Trend


Today I am finally bringing some complications to my outfits! Although still, it isn't super complicated haha 

It's just more color than you usually see on my blog, so I hope you enjoy these photos and let me know what trends you're excited to see come up this season <3


Last spring when embroidery was first introduced, I totally thought that it would be a one season trend and there was little use of me getting into it. (But I am also someone who doesn't jump into trying out trends when it first becomes a thing... I think that's considered bad investing haha)

But, as the trend progressed, I began to buy into it more, especially when I saw it being done elegantly. 

Like this skirt. Honestly, as soon as I saw the skirt, I totally fell in love with it. My wardrobe has very little color, so I thought this skirt would add some color into my usual neutral wardrobe. And it totally delivers! I got this skirt last season, and I'm so ready to wear it this season again! 


Jacket: Uni Qlo 

Shirt: Uni Qlo

Skirt: Zara

Tights: Uni Qlo

Shoes: Timberland

Tips to Enjoy the Embroidery Trend

1. Stick with items you don't wear on a daily basis 

I think it's very easy to get sick of trends. So my rule of thumb is to always purchase one or two items of the trend, and not with clothes that I typically wear. 

For example, embroidered jeans are a big no-no for me (PERSONALLY) because it makes those pairs of jeans occasion-based, and not necessarily every day wear. I purchased this trend on the skirt because I know that I would only be wearing the skirt on a occasions/when I feel like it to begin with. 

2. Wear clothes that complement the colors 

If your embroidery is mostly orange or blue, you can absolutely tie your entire outfit to those colors. But if it's pink and white, you can tie it back to those colors too. However, I definitely think as long as the colors you are wearing is within the same overall color group, then that is more than sufficient. 

For example, my skirt is mostly red, green, and white. So I can wear a red top, but I don't have to wear the same shade of red; I can wear burgundy. 

3. Or wear clothes that are neutral-colored

This outfit I'm wearing demonstrates this perfectly. It basically centers the attention of the outfit on the embroidery, because that's the only pop of color in the outfit. 

This is the easiest for me to do, because I have such a neutral wardrobe to begin with. 

4. Minimal is a good rule of thumb

There are some seriously complicated embroidery out there, but that can get really stressful, and exhausting. So my rule of thumb when it comes to trends like these is to make sure it isn't too complicated. If the eye can wander from point A to point B without feeling exhausted by the pattern, then that's it for me. 

5. Don't go crazy with it

Don't have an entire wardrobe of embroidered items. 2-3 is more than sufficient, 4-5 is pushing it, and then 6+ is just too much. Something people don't realize when they go crazy with this trend is that trends come and go. Yes, it recycles every 10 years or so, but in 10 years the embroidery trend will be different. So having all the items of this season's embroidery isn't going to be the same as it will be in 10 years. Find the few items you really love, can wear, and then stick with them. 

What's your favorite spring trend of all time? 

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