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Bamboo Shots + Body Image Chat

Bamboo Shots + Body Image Chat

Now, I don't usually smile in my personal style posts, but despite that lack of emotion, I find it pretty obvious when I am enjoying the moment, or when I am just downright sad. (But part of it might just be because the face is mine and I can tell?) 

If you compare my usual fashion posts, to the pictures of this post, it is very evident that I am sad. Even though in some photos I am forcing a smile. 

And I thought about not even posting this outfit, because I can feel the sadness radiating from the pictures. 

But instead, I decided that I want to do something different. I want to have a little heart to heart chat with you all about body imagery, and how we perceive ourselves. 

I can understand that this chat is a lot heavier and personal than I usually get on Fashion Friday's so if you do not want to read this chat, please feel free to just browse the photos :) 

[As a heads up, I do have a separate post about this conversation coming up, so this will be more heavily discussed in the future.]

I really would like to emphasize that as a blogger, as someone who takes photos of her own style for the world to see, I am not 100% comfortable in my own skin.

And that is not my fault. I find that it is a product of societal expectations/stereotypes, and my parent's pressure and expectations. 

Of course, I am not blameless either, but I'd like to think that if I factored out those two, I would be 100% (or close to) comfortable in my own skin. 

I am not a self-deprecating kind of human being. I believe that all humans are equal, that body size, gender, age, race, and other culturally defining characteristics does not matter. I believe that the only thing that matters is the kind of person you/I are. 

But what sucks, is that those defining cultural characteristics that really shouldn't matter, is constantly being thrown back into the mixer to matter more than who we really are. 

Unfortunately, what is even worse is that when we find that there is positive progress to this kind of debilitating cultural standards, there is always something/someone that takes us a few steps back, and we lose all that progress. 

I don't want to get too much into this, but I just want to say that even though I did not feel good in this outfit emotionally, I felt good about this outfit physically, and mentally. And that's what matters. 


Jacket: Forever 21

T- Shirt: South Korea 

PantsAmerican Eagle 

Shoes: MadewellxPony

Bandana: J Crew

BagJ Crew

What is your feel-good outfit? 

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