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Badass Chic

Badass Chic


Yes, I am that Asian girl who should be wearing nicer looking clothes without looking so crazy. But who the hell cares?

I wear what I want to wear because I feel good in it, I believe I look good in it, so deal with it. 

I have friends who do not believe in second hand clothing, and I can totally understand why. It's wear wearing clothes that someone else once wore, and have it be in a condition that does not deem fit to be worn by other people.

However, when I got this leather jacket from Goodwill, I knew I would get a lot of use out of it.

Yes, it is second hand, but it's good quality, and is so warm for the chillier time of the season. That worn in look is something I bought for about $15.00.

Leather is a heavy material, so whenever I wear my leather jackets it's with something soft on the inside. This GAP shirt is just that. It's super soft, and super flowy. It totally brings out the best in the leather jacket.

Even with these black pants, it keeps the focus on the leather jacket. Because the jacket has so many dimensions and focal points, I don't like drawing too much attention on the inside. Plus, I think I look cool.

An outfit can change the way a person feels. But it can also change the way someone sees the world. On the weekends, I do not dress like this. Because it can also be tiring to be always on top of it and looking good. So that's also why I love this leather jacket so much. I can throw it on anything simple and basic, and it'll make my outfit look good and planned.

As a short person, I know I should be looking into getting some heels, but practically speaking, I prefer flats.

These suede feeling flats are perfect for the spring because of how basic they are, but also how they can make an entire outfit feel super casual and chic.


Jacket: Goodwill

Shirt: GAP

Pants: H&M

Shoes: ASOS

Photography Credit goes to my friend Marie.

IG: dreamofsunshine

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