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Another Simple Outfit + Fashion Tips I Live By

Another Simple Outfit + Fashion Tips I Live By

another simple outfit.jpg

I've lost track with the outfits I've posted on the blog, but I'm pretty sure I've shared a variation of this outfit before. 

Still, the reason why I keep showing it is because I think simple outfits are the best.

Don't you think so?


Do you ever wear an outfit that as soon as you put it on your body, you just feel 100% more better about yourself, and you're ready to conquer the world? 

Well, that's basically how I feel when I put on this kind of an outfit which is the most basic of them all. 

I see Instagrammer's wear something so complicated that I just stare at it, and wonder whether or not taking that one photo for Instagram is worth the pain of the shoe, or the skirt in the cold etc. But seriously, kudos to those bloggers that do that. 

Actually, even for this outfit, I took it in the cold and I couldn't even stay like this for more than 2 minutes. I'm not happy with these photos, but it was so cold out that I just made do. I just can't put my body through the cold just to get "the shot". Lol


Shirt: Uniqlo

Belt: Nordstrom

Pants: Levis

Shoes: UGG

Fashion Tips I Live By

1. Tuck pants into shoes AND/OR roll up the pants to show some leg

I used to put my pants over my shoes and then just call it a day. But I've realized that it's actually more flattering to either tuck the pants into the shoes, or to roll up the pants 2-3 times and show some leg. Now, it is really rare for me to put my pants over my shoes. The only times I do it now is if I'm wearing a work outfit in which case... it just makes more sense sometimes. 

2. Tuck oversized shirt into pants 

This rule is kind of dependent on one other thing: if it's buttoned, then tuck it in, if it's unbuttoned, you can leave it untucked. 

So sometimes I use work shirts like the one I'm wearing above as a light cardi, in which case I will never tuck it into my pants. But, when I wear it buttoned up like that, I always have to tuck it in. I feel like it adds a little something to your figure, and it doesn't just make you look boxy. 

3. Layer different sleeve lengths 

This is a new spring trend which is wearing spring/summer clothing items over fall/winter items. You can't see it in this outfit but I'm actually wearing a turtleneck under this shirt because I wanted the turtleneck + shirt look. But sometimes I would wear a turtleneck with a spaghetti top or a buttoned shirt with a maxi dress over it, etc. 

4. Layer different colored denim together

I don't like the full denim look. I feel like it's hard to pull it off for the regular human being BUT you can, as long as you layer different shades of denim together. For example, I have two denim jackets, one is a regular denim color like the color of the jeans in the picture, and the other is a light blue denim. With the pants I'm wearing in this photo, I would wear my lighter denim jacket, but not the jacket that is the same color. That's the only way I'm able to rock denim and not look washed out.

5. Smiling is your best accessory

Honestly, I added this because I couldn't think of anything else... BUT, it's still true! You can wear a super complicated outfit, or something super simple, but as long as you're smiling at the world, no matter what you wear, you'll still shine like a star. So never forget to smile. 

What's a fashion tip you've picked up that you live by?

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