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Alexander Wang 'Prisma Biker Purse' Review

Alexander Wang 'Prisma Biker Purse' Review

I saw this a long time ago in Claire Marshall's What's In My Bag video and I've been eyeing it since then. I thought that it was a gorgeous wallet and didn't know it was a cross body until recently. Alexander Wang, in my opinion, is a mid to high range quality of goods. In terms of price that is. I would probably call his items biker or edgy pieces that bring out an inner rocker or biker in you. Which for me, is fine, since I usually dress pretty classy and this product gives me an edge. 


I recently got his Mason Hinge Card Holder (review here) which, I am still very much in love with. However, as it's summer and I am starting to carry around more things, I am needing way more than a few cards.

So when I saw that his website was having a sale, and this product was on sale for way more than  50% off, I jumped at the chance. Granted, it was still about $200, but at least it's better than $425-$450.


There was different finishes on sale, but this one was the cheapest. (Call me a cheapsake if you wish!)

Now, when it first arrived, it arrived in a box that was about 10 times its size. And then inside it, the box of the product was inside a dust bag that's also got to be 10 times its size.

In terms of the actual product, it's a beautifully soft leather. i cannot emphasize how soft this is. Like so soft. It also isn't the stiff kind of leather, so it takes no time to break it in.


The strap is removable, and also movable. (I will get into the pros and cons of this product soon!)

There is just on button clasp that is also multicolored. Anywhere where there is hardware, it's the same color (except for the zipper which is a matte black).


Now, let's get into the pros and cons of this product.

I always like getting the bag stuff out of the way before moving onto the good stuff so... let's start with the bad!


  • The strap is movable. While for the most part it is a good thing, it can get a little annoying when you move around a lot and the attached part of the strap starts moving around too. It just becomes a little bit of a nuisance to move it back and everything.
  • The strap is easily flippable. I used it for an entire weekend, and I lost count of how many times I've had to readjust it to make it straight again. It's a pet peeve of mine but I'm sure it's a pet peeve of everyone's. Especially since they included a hardware of sorts that I think is supposed to stop that from happening. But it doesn't work (obviously).
  • The leather is too soft, sometimes. I LOVE how soft the leather is, don't get me wrong. But because the leather is so soft, it's easy to imprint around the shape of a phone or a check book you put inside. It also does scratch easy. Like super easy.
    • When you open the purse, the bag ends up hanging out, which isn't a big deal unless you are in a crowded area, and have a lot of cash in your purse. Then it can become a stealing hazard.


  • The card slot is vertical, instead of horizontal. Honestly, I thought that it would be really gimmicky and I wouldn't like it. But turns out, I think I prefer it! It makes it way more easier to grab a card, because they now have a distance between them where you might not accidentally grab the wrong one. And, it also makes it easier to put it back in. There is 6 card slots, but each card slot can easily fit at least 2 cards in it, if you have that much you need to carry around.
  • There are three compartments. I don't know how anyone else does it, but in the past, in the purses that I own, I usually separate my bills. $1, and $5 goes on the left side, and anything above $5 goes on the right. It makes it easy because I can really stack up on $1. So since this bag has three compartments, it makes it easier for me to do that. And the bills fit perfectly in the compartments.
    • The third compartment is key though. I don't usually need anything besides my phone and my wallet. Since this purse becomes my bag, I just need to bring my phone. I own the LG V10 (which is also what I use to take all my photos!) and it is quite big. But I didn't even have to worry that it wouldn't fit my phone because it totally does! Perfectly! But like I said in the cons, it can definitely imprint (vaguely) if left in there for an extended period of time.
  • There is an extra pocket in the flap which can fit a checkbook beautifully and receipts and such. I wouldn't put anything too heavy in there because you would have to open the flap with the opening pointed towards the ground. So anything too heavy will just fall out. And yes, the flap imprints as well.
  • The straps are the perfect width. I never notice this unless the strap is absurdly thick or absurdly thin. But honestly, this strap is PERFECT. It keeps the purse sturdy, but also makes it feel light on your shoulder. The only semi-negative thing about it not mentioned in the cons is the way the strap is attached together. But it's not such a big deal (it's like a button where you put a metal bit into a cut out hole. There are 5 holes to fit different heights).
  • It's super light! Unless you plan on carrying around a large wad of cash and lots of coins, this wallet should be light. It won't be one of those wallets that feel heavy on your shoulders, and you won't have one of those moments where you do not want to walk out of the restaurant because you don't want to carry your bag (trust me, been there, done that).

I hope this review was in depth enough! Before I decided to purchase this bag, I looked very hard for reviews, but to no avail. So I really wanted to do an in depth one, for anyone who is contemplating this bag.

In my honest opinion though, I'm in love. And I recommend it. Unfortunately, there is only one kind left on the site but still, if you like the color, and have the money (the latter being the most important part) I'd say go for it. I don't think it will disappoint you.

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