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Alexander Wang 'Mason Hinge Wallet' Review

Alexander Wang 'Mason Hinge Wallet' Review

As a growing woman in this materialistic society, I am accumulating more and more things. But over the past six months, ever since I purchased my Coach card holder, I've managed to break down the things I bring with me and I feel so much better. Not only because I am carrying less, but I also have less to worry about!

However, my Coach card holder has taken a beating, and even though I've cut down on the things I have taken with me, I still end up over flowing my card holder. I swear it's about to break soon. So I was on the hunt for a good quality card holder, that will last me, and can hold more than my Coach card holder.

I stumbled upon this gem because I have been pinning after the Alexander Wang Prisma Biker Purse for a loooooong time (but I cannot justify it, just because of the price!) so I happened to be in their accessories section. And when I saw this, and saw the amount of space it could carry, I immediately started wanting this.

I have basically been pinning for this for about....a good couple of months. And the only reason why it stopped me as the price. I could never justify it. But then my amazing little sister said she would get me anything, as long as it's below $1000, and I immediately knew to get this!

So I purchased it and it arrived within a couple days of ordering it.

But no more story time, let's do this review!


Okay, obviously this is a luxury brand, so of course it came in a beautiful black box, with the luxury brand signature brand cards on top.

But, like more boxes, the box that it came in was way too big than it needed to be. When I opened it it was just one piece of tissue paper, and then the wallet.


The wallet is so beautiful I almost cried tears of happiness (I know, I'm weird).


The leather is super smooth. Like so smooth.

It feels very lightweight despite the fact that it has heavy silver hardware on it.

The zipper at the back and hold a good amount of coins. The zipper itself is super smooth as well, and feels very satisfying when I zip it up.

The button click is also amazing and very satisfying.


For what it is, it performs very functionally. I have noticed that my regular size cards are still very small. There is definitely enough room and space to put two cards in each slot. There is the usual top inner pouch that can also hold quite a few things.

I will say that if you put TOO much cards in, it could make it very fat. But it's not like you can hold an obscene amount of cards in there any way.

I have yet to try holding cash in the general compartments to see if it'll fit. But I assume it will as long as you don't have them folded up very thinly.

There are only two cons, but they aren't that bad.

On the website they have it so it comes with an ID display compartment. Well, they do not have that in the actual wallet. I call their Customer Service and they were very nice about it, saying that sometimes, in production, they change things. I wish they could put the actual finished product online instead of what Alexander Wang had wanted it to look like. It's very misleading.

Another thing is that even if you just want one compartment to slide out, it's initially very hard to not end up bringing out both. But I'm sure that it comes with training.

Final Thoughts

I am extremely happy with this wallet. It's been a week since I've had it (since I've written this in April 18) and I'm still infatuated with it as when I first got it. I can honestly see myself using this for a very long time, without pining after another wallet for awhile.

I highly recommend people checking out Alexander Wang. They have some beautiful stuff. Even if you are not into the whole biker look, their things will add a simple edge to your outfit. You won't hate it. That I promise you!

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