I didn’t even know the phrase ‘self-care’ was a thing until last year, and it was only because I learnt it from my boss at my job.

But it is, and after realizing that, I am now a big advocate for it.

Self-care as a concept isn’t hard, but in practice it’s pretty difficult. (Like most things in life :p)

Self-care, for me, means carving out some time to treat yourself, and to give yourself a break.

As someone who cannot sit still, most of the time this is pretty difficult for me. I like to be on the go, to have things planned out during the day so I would be occupied (but fyi, after dinner, I will be a bum on my bed).

And because of that preference, this past semester has been one of the most hectic ones for me and that’s because I was on a roll, and couldn’t seem to stop picking up extra things to do, even if it wasn’t in my job description.

But in this new year, that is one of my goals, to take care of myself and to tell myself over and over again that I do not need to take on more than I need to if I don’t want to.

So I implore all of you to do something similar. To realize that you should not feel guilty for not doing something, and to realize that you need time for yourself too. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, and if there is anyone in your life that makes you feel that way, tell them you need it, for your own sanity. 

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