New Years Resolution 2017

It's a new year, and with the new year comes new hopes and new dreams to follow.

In this new year, let's start with making a doable list of things to do for ourselves :)

For the blog:

  • One OOTD/week
  • continue with the make up reviews, but do more make up battles
  • keep being motivated to do more with my blog
  • hopefully build my YouTube channel with my blog

For me:

  • stay passionate about my blog because it's my baby and brain child
  • enjoy the little moments
  • slow down, stop planning so much
  • learn to give up the little things
  • be more emotionally strong
  • remind myself that it's okay to lose friendships

For you:

  • stay positive
  • keep on going, you will be fine
  • do things that make you happy

2017 is a brand new year, and even though I hate odd numbers, I love having a new start.

Let's all try to better ourselves.