L'OrealxStina Hair Review

This review is not sponsored by L'Oreal, all opinions are my own and all products were purchased with my own money.

This review is not sponsored by L'Oreal, all opinions are my own and all products were purchased with my own money.

I stumbled upon this new line of hair products by accident, and only because I was looking for new hair care products, mostly mousse. 

Not going to lie, the graphics on the bottle were gorgeous enough that it peaked my interest, and that's why I purchased them. 

After having used them for about 2.5 weeks, I can give you my honest opinion about these products. 



Air Dry It

Wave Swept Spray

I have often wondered why anyone would use such a product, especially because any time I used to use it, it was useless and I noticed nothing different about my hair. 

Well this time around, maybe because I am more experienced with haircare products, I noticed a difference. Mind you, it's not a huge difference. 

A positive difference is that whenever I curl my hair, the curl holds on easier, and for longer as well, because of the grit. 

Now, the grit in this product is very fine, and once your hair dries you can easily forget that you even spritzed this on. 

If you, however, tend to have straighter hair, or straighten your hair, then this product might prove ineffective for you. 

The negative thing I noticed is that because it's a wave spray, one would expect knots in the hair. Now, you may wonder, doesn't everyone usually have knots? The answer is yes. But the way I do my hair is that I use a heavy dose of hair detangler, and usually that keeps my hair knot free. With this product in it, not only is there the extra grit, but there is more mini knots. 



Air Dry It

Ruffled Body Mousse 

This is the main reason why I even purchased these products. 

I'm going to quickly go through the pros and cons of this product as well. 

The pro of this product is that it does what a mousse should do, which is great! You get the volume you want which is perfect. But that's where the pros kind of end. 

The cons of this product is two fold: it's extremely sticky, and the nozzle is ridiculously small. 

I typically over mousse my hair, and with the mousse I typically use, it poses no issues. But with this, I've had to cut back because of how ridiculously sticky this product is. It's not even a little sticky, it's like glue sticky where you should immediately wash your hands after you use it so you're hands won't stick together. 

When you initially apply it, after it's in your hair, it becomes extremely stiff. Like to the point where your hair kind of bunches together. This has happened to my other mousse product before but not as stiff. 

Although for this problem, as long as you sweep your hair back and forth to separate it, the problem becomes over. 

The second problem is the nozzle, which has no solution. I just do not understand why they though it was a good idea to have such a small opening. Are they trying to conserve products? I just don't understand... 

Even though both these products have more negatives than positives, I would actually recommend both the products because after the initial application, your hair feels amazing and looks amazing. So why not deal with those cons right? 

Have you used these products? And what do you think?