beats 'solo2 wireless' Review

I got these pair free when I bought my MacBook Pro in the summer. Apple was doing a promotion, and I was very excited about these headphones.

But after having used them for so long I now understand a little bit more why Apple was so generous.


It comes with a really nice pouch for the headphones to be put in which is great. It definitely makes the headphones travel friendly.

I personally wish that they make the pouch with a few inside pockets to fit the charger, and the headphone wire so it’s not just freely flowing around the already tight pouch.

Sound Quality

I’m not picky about whether or not I hear bass, but I do care that I can hear clearly, and I have no problems with these.

I will say that it doesn’t take a lot of volume for the people around you to hear the music coming out of your headphones though, so definitely be mindful of that.

Bluetooth Sound Quality

One of the marketing tools of this product is that it can be wireless headphones.

To connect to Bluetooth is extremely easy, and basically fool proof. The sound quality is still excellent and it makes it easier to move around i.e. to grab water from your sink without having to bring your laptop, or to take off your headphones.

I will add though, that if the direct line between your headphone and Bluetooth connected device is more than 2-3 walls, you’ll have the sound go on and off, and eventually not come through altogether.

But one good thing is that even though the sound doesn’t come through, it still shows up as connected on your device so if you are listening to music, it won’t just suddenly blast through your device.

Overall Thoughts

I think this is a good headphone. But if you have large ears, it will get uncomfortable after 2-3 hours.

And because of the wireless capabilities, if you decide to go from one ability to another, definitely keep track of where you put all the wires. (Because I definitely lost my headphone wire so now I really can’t lose my Bluetooth charging wire.)

As for whether or not it would be worth it to purchase by itself…I’m not sure. Prior to owning Beats I thought it was a must own brand, but after owning it I realized that I could live without it and go for another brand.

I would say do your research. I am very neutral about this product. It’s nice to just have a pair of headphones period, and it works so no real complaints there. For an average person like me, this does everything I would want it to.