What I Wore: Taiwan

Even though my family was in Taiwan for a longer period of time, we didn't seem to have as much fun as we did in South Korea. Of course, I am not going to attribute that to the country because in the few extra days we spent in Taipei, it was super fun. So I'm going to blame the tour we went on. However, because of that, not only did I not vlog as much, I also did not take as much OOTD's so, yes I stayed in Taiwan for approximately 10 days, but I definitely did not take 10 OOTD's. So just bear with me! 


August 8th 2016

Even though Taiwan isn't as humid as South Korea, it is definitely just as hot.

So I decided to wear something super basic, and as always, neutral. I also wanted something airy and simple, that would not be a bother for me in any way.

T-Shirt: From Hongdae, KR

Shorts: I forget the brand... 

Shoes: Madewell Pony Sneakers

Bag: Alexander Wang Prisma Biker Purse 

Place: National Palace Museum


August 9th 2016

I don't remember my logic behind this outfit other than I really wanted to pair my tan suede cap with my tan suede skirt.

And I just really wanted to wear the skirt.

Since it is suede, it was hard for me to incorporate it in South Korea because of how hot it was, but I finally got a chance in Taiwan. Plus, I love the contrast it gives to the red bridge.

Cap: Aritzia

Shirt: Levi's

Skirt: Abercrombie and Fitch

Shoes: Madewell 

Bag: Alexander Wang Prisma Biker Purse 

Place: Taroko National Park


August 10th 2016

It was hot. And I was lazy, so I basically wore the same thing but with a pair of shorts.

The reason why I loved the t-shirt so much is because of how soft the material is, and how summery the print is. Even though it didn't go with the skirt super well, it is still neutral enough to go with a majority of my clothes.

Overall though, it made my life easier that day because it started pouring rain about an hour after I took this photo.

Shirt: Levi's

Shorts: H&M 

Shoes: Madewell

Bag: Alexander Wang Prisma Biker Purse 

Place: Fuo Guang Shan


August 12th 2016

On the last day of the tour, we went up Taipei 101 which, way back when, was the tallest building in the world. By now, many buildings have surprised it's heights. But it still oversea's a lot of Taipei.

I was super scared up there not only because of the height problem, but also because some parts of the floor seemed to dip funny...

And yes, this photo was edited but only because we went there at around 5.30pm, and it was too dark for taking a good OOTD. I had to settle to edit it after getting the right pose haha

Shirt: From Hongdae, KR

Skirt: Abercrombie and Fitch

Shoes: Madewell Pony

Bag: Alexander Wang Prisma Biker Purse 

Place: Taipei 101