Minimal Pop

As someone who loves clothes but doesn't like clutter and discomfort, I find this outfit the easiest to wear. Especially because of the beautiful Lavish Alice coat. 

I think sometimes in the fashion industry the idea is to make yourself stand out by donning jewelry and beautiful clothes. Well, I think you can still make yourself standout with one piece without having to sacrifice your comfort or your purse. 

This outfit has fast become one of my favourite outfits for that exact reason. 

I think it packs a punch, but is still comfortable and keeps me warm, which I find important in this season. 

I highly recommend trying this idea out, where you wear a monochrome palate, and then adding a pop of color somewhere. 

Because who says you can't wear color in the dead of winter, right? 

Coat: Lavish Alice 

Sweater: H&M 

Jeans: American Eagle 

Shoes: River Island