Curated Fashion Wish List

We all have things we want, but do not need, and I am no different. 

I am currently in love with a few products that I cannot get out of my head, and I decided to show you guys what they are! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I may be able to get a few of the products in this list! 

Dagne Dover Simone Satchel 

This is quite possibly the most expensive bag I've ever considered purchasing. Usually when it gets past the $300 mark I just ignore it, pretend it doesn't exist, and move on pretty soon. 

But omg, this's like a gift. 

I just recently came across it, and so, yes, it is fresh, but as a rising Senior who is about to go on a lot of interviews and formal situations, this bag is so perfect for that. It just seems perfect. I think I'm in love...

L. K. Bennett Mariel Shoulder Bag

I do not purchase bags that are similar to each other because in my mind, it's a waste of money. 

But I do not have a bag like this in my collection, which makes me want it even more! 

I have been eyeing this bag for about....2 months and when I saw the red version, I was even more obsessed with it. I am a classic Asian person who prefers all my bags to be black, but then there are a few circumstances where I will gravitate towards color...and this is definitely one of the cases. 

I really want this for my birthday in April...

But one of the biggest reasons why I want a bag like this is because I do not have a roomy yet light cross body bag in my possession. I have two cross body bags, both amazing quality, but both lack luster in certain areas. I have been searching for a good middle group, and I think this is it~ 

Public Desire x Hailey Baldwin

Berlin Platform Boots

I've been dying to own a pair of platform boots that are comfortable enough to walk around in and to give me the height I so crave. 

These shoes totally fit the profile, and while they are not expensive, I haven't seen any reviews on them, hence the debate. 

If you own a pair, please give me your opinion! 

Gentle Monster x Song of Style US101

I am pretty new to Song of Style but I have followed her long enough to enjoy her personality and sense of humor, and not to mention her fashion sense. 

Since I realized and saw her sunglasses line, I have been staring at these sunglasses. Especially now that it is getting warmer, I am looking at them more. 

I am looking at the black pair, but honestly, I am thinking about the silver or rose gold version, just to mix it up a bit. 

I own a pair of GM and yes, they are insanely expensive, but the quality is top notch. Which is also why I wouldn't hate on having another pair. But it's one of those things where I got to try them on first... Although I also wish they weren't that expensive :( 

Nike Air Force Lunar New Year ver. 

These are incredibly random, but I want them so bad! 

They are a pair of Nike's but has a design special to Lunar New Year, where you can also customize them. 

Basically, I have my customized pair already in my check out cart, but I haven't splurged on them yet... and especially since they are specific to a time of a year, I feel like it's added pressure to purchase them soon xD 

The pressure is on... (although I know full well that the pressure is all my doing haha)

L. K. Bennet Rea Leather Card Case

This product makes almost no sense in my mind because I have a perfectly functional and gorgeous card holder, and yet, I still want it... 

I cannot even justify this purchase, which is also one of the reasons why it's at the bottom. It's just one of those things where I want it....but I have no good reason to purchase it. #storyofmylife

Club Monaco

Holiday Mesh Thin Choker

I cannot explain how gorgeous this necklace is when I saw it in store. I have never seriously considered purchasing such an expensive jewelry piece until I saw this necklace...if my friend hadn't been with me, I might've actually purchased this! 

I love how it sits right below your neck, so it isn't constraining your neck, but you still get the choker feel and it is so elegant for the idea. 

The pictures online do it no justice!

I really hope I do not sound too complain-y~ It was not my intention. But I know a lot of bloggers who do a curated wish list and it's always fun for me to see what other bloggers want in their wardrobe next. So I decided to do my own :) 

As you can see, the products I want are in no way cheap, but as I've gotten older I've realized that it's better to have a minimal wardrobe with good quality and long lasting pieces that a large wardrobe that have pieces that can fall apart at any second. That is my justification xD 

Let me know what products you are craving down below! I would love to expand my shopping horizons :) 

P.S. I am also wanting a leather jacket, and a suede jacket. But that is a dream for when I get a full time job and have the money :P