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As I sat on my carpeted floor to watch this, I am wearing a full face of make up.

When I watched this short video, it made me feel things that I am constantly trying to keep hidden.

My face isn't filled with acne as much as hers is, but I remember a time when it did. When I couldn't bear to look at my face and when I tried product after product from the drugstore to get rid of them. Acne is a natural course in life but it haunts women more so than men.

There is a constant expectation to look out bed, to be beautiful, to always use the hashtag #iwokeuplikethis. But it simply isn't true.

We do not naturally have our hair in place as soon as we lift our head up from our pillow, we do not naturally have the perfect brow, and we do not naturally have a smooth and perfect looking face.

It's an illusion.

But, within that illusion, make up in itself makes US feel empowered. It makes US feel good.

We are not sluts or freaks just because we use a lot of make up. We are who we are and make up just stops the world from judging us by our appearance. It stops the world from having the first thought "wow, she looks hung over". Maybe "wow, she has too much make up on her face" isn't as great, but is sure better than looking hung over. There is a limit to how much make up one person should wear, but regardless, don't judge us by our make up.

In this world, in this age, make up is how most women feel confident.

To the people in the world who is disgusted that we cover our imperfections with make up, I ask you, have you ever felt good exposing your TRUE self to the world? Have you ever felt proud to show your true self? There is always going to be something wrong with someone. No one is truly perfect (and to anyone who sites celebrities...they have way more money to be able to change that imperfection than the average human being) so we all have a part of ourselves we want to hide. Look at yourself in the mirror before you go judging others.

I must say that I do sometimes think that some women wear too much make up. You don't need to have heavy brows and a thick cat eye to go grocery shopping. But I still ignore that fact if I want to get to know them. Because they should not be defined by the amount of make up they have on their face but who they truly are. Do not forget.

Women are people too.

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