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Why I Switched from Planner to Bullet Journal

Why I Switched from Planner to Bullet Journal

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In 2017, I made a lot of changes. One big change was this blog, but the second big change is ditching the planner system, and moving over to the Bullet Journal system. 

If you want to know why I switched, then keep scrolling! 

Something was missing. 

As someone who is an avid planner of my life, I found something to be missing when I started the planner for the new academic year. 

While the planner I used (Muji) was helpful in planning out my life, I craved something else that it didn't provide. I couldn't put my finger on it until I started using the Bullet Journal...or, at least I started seeing how others used their Bullet Journal. 

I was carrying too many notebooks with different uses around. 

Here's how many notebooks I carried around with me -- and I am absolutely not exaggerating. I actually do carry around these notebooks when I travel, because I didn't know when I would need them. 

  • my Muji planner 
  • my Bright Spots Journal -- aka. my gratitude journal 
  • my actual journal 
  • and lots of post-its 

After doing my research on the Bullet Journal, I realized that I could consolidate all those four bullet points into one notebook, and never have to carry around 4-5 pounds of notebooks anymore. 

I wanted the creative outlet that I felt I was missing. 

I will be the first to admit that I am not crazy artsy. I cannot do crazy portraits with watercolor etc., but I do think I am a creative person. 

I enjoy color, I enjoy layout, and I enjoy building myself a space that is functional yet colorful. 

My Muji planner, while functional, was lacking the creative space I needed and craved for the colorful to be injected into. 

Post-It's for to-do-lists weren't cutting it anymore. 

I used to use Post-It's to make my to-do lists for the week, especially when it came to homework. And I found myself having more and more things to do every day than I could fit on a regular sized post-it. 

While that seems ludicrous that I could have so many things to do, I did, and I still do. My to-do lists for my Bullet Journal currently take up half a page on my BuJo. And I'm not kidding. 

The possibilities were endless. 

I found myself being interested in the amount of collections/layouts that were available. I loved the idea how if a layout didn't work for me one week, I could change it on a whim because there were so many possibilities out there. 

I got to the point where I was actually overwhelmed with the possibilities that I couldn't sleep at night from excitement (as cliche as that is, it actually happened! And more than once...). 

It's hard to know if the BuJo (aka. Bullet Journal) system is for everyone but for me, it fit like a glove. It just worked for me, and I haven't had a moment's doubt about this system for me. 

I will say that while I am generally positive about this, there are some negatives too, but they are not deal breakers. So if you want to know what those are, stay tuned! 

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