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Graduation Week: What I Learnt from College + Post-Grad Plans

Graduation Week: What I Learnt from College + Post-Grad Plans

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It is my graduation week, and so in honor of that, I will be sharing Graduation relevant content in the days that I post. (I had thought of posting every day but, I think that's overkill haha) 

Today I am going to be sharing with you some lessons I learned in these 4 years, and how I will be taking these lessons with me in the future. 

College is the best in-between of being a child and an adult

It is my pet peeve when I hear people say that college baby's their students because my automatic response is, OF COURSE THEY ARE! College is the step between becoming a full-fledged independent adult from being a child in high school. And in order for us to graduate college to be a full-fledged adult, we need some helpful nudges and pushes from our college. So yes, they should baby us. 

But college is also the place I have learnt what information I am missing about being an adult, and how to obtain that information to survive in this rule-filled society. Now I not only know how to live on my own and do my own chores, but I also know about health insurance conversations, taxes, etc. 

You either know how to take care of yourself or you don't

This is one of the best things about college, you either know how to take care of yourself or you don't. 

So here I am going to contrast my sister and I. 

For me, when I started college, I immediately set boundaries for myself i.e. how much sleep I wanted to get, when I should have dinner, how often I should do laundry etc. 

But for my sister, as soon as she got to college, she didn't survive as well without my parents. She does laundry every other month (don't get me started on this...), doesn't have 3 meals a day (if she even has 2 it'll be a miracle), and doesn't get the 6-8 hour sleep at night like a normal human being. 

College is the place you find out who you are as an adult. For me, I know I'll survive once I graduate, but for my sister, I'm not so sure. 

Growing up sucks 

I don't need to graduate from college to have learned this. If you are in high school or middle school, trust me, you actually do NOT want to grow up. Coz most of the time, growing up sucks. Yes, you got that independence you craved, but in reality, you also got a lot more responsibility that takes up that independence. So don't rush to grow up. Savor every moment. 

You realize how much you rely on your parents

I went to school on the other coast of America coz I wanted that full-on independence from my parents. Well, it took until I left for college for me to realize how much I relied on my parents. Now, I'm not just talking about chores, but also yummy meals, taking care of me when I'm sick, calling and making appointments for me, etc. Thank your parents. They do a lot for you. 

Smile, because it's only four years of your life

You know, when people ask me how it feels to graduate, my reply is... "Good, because I hate school." And I do. 

But in the 4 years, I never once said I hate college (at least not to my recollection! And if I had said it, I most likely didn't mean it haha). 

And that's because I know that no matter what, college is only 4 years of my life. It's a hard four years, but it's still only 4 years. So smile, and enjoy the ride.

You really learn how to communicate 

You're now the only person who can talk to others. You no longer have your parents as the middle person. You gotta talk to your friends if you have a problem, you gotta ask your professors for help on your own, and you gotta send out those emails on your own behalf. College is the place where you figure out how you communicate, and what's the best way for others to communicate with you. 


I am beyond proud to share with you that post-graduation, I will be interning for HerCampus for the duration of the summer. 

HerCampus was one of the first blogging groups I ever utilized, and for the longest time, it was the only blogging group I was a part of. 

Since last summer, when I started the job search, I knew I wanted to work at HerCampus, so being able to utilize this opportunity actually makes me really ecstatic. Especially since they are based out of Boston, and that's just another reason why I love them. 

I don't want to share too much of what I am going to be doing, but please keep your fingers crossed for me that I will be able to stay with HerCampus as an employee post-internship. Because I would actually cry tears of happiness if that's the case xD

If you're in college now, what are some lessons you've learned? 
If you've already graduated college, what is something you wish someone told you before?

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