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Using the Bullet Journal: Blogger

Using the Bullet Journal: Blogger


Let's be real, using the Bullet Journal has it's drawbacks, especially because you got to do everything on your own. 

But that's also the appeal, is that you can utilize it for ALL aspects of your life, not just for one part. 

So if you want to know how you can use the BuJo system as a blogger, or online content creator, let me show you!

Plan how you see fit. 

I was having a hard time tracking down what blog posts I was writing, where I got in terms of the production of the blog post, and blog posts I was interested in writing. 

So I decided that for visual purposes, I needed to make myself a timetable-like schedule where I can visually see where I was with my blog posts. 

Of course, I do not put every single blog post on here, only the ones that I know may take me longer than others so it's easier for me to keep track. 

Schedule like crazy,

especially if you have a crazy schedule. 

I realized after I started posting 3 times a week instead of two times a week that I needed to find a way to plan out my posts for the month to see what gaps needed filling. (Turns out I can typically fill an entire's month's quote of blog posts easily which I am very proud of ;))

So I learned that I needed to make a schedule for myself, and for me, I put it right after every monthly log for ease of access. 

That way, whenever I need to see what to post on what day, I can easily flip to it by using the included divider. 

Give yourself the space necessary to brain dump. 

Not going to lie, I have dedicated 5 total one-sided pages for just blog ideas alone. Sometimes these ideas come to me after reading someone else' blog post, other times ideas come to me when I'm about to go to bed. 

Either way, as a blogger, I need the space and place for me to brainstorm and decide what ideas are worth pursing, and what are just interesting ideas for the future. 

The Bullet Journal specifically says to not plan it out like that, but it's okay, it's my Bullet Journal ;) 

If you are a blogger and fan of the BuJo, how do you use the BuJo system? 

If you are neither, how are you enjoying the BuJo system so far? 

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