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Using the Bullet Journal: Student

Using the Bullet Journal: Student

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I am undoubtedly new to the Bullet Journal system, but I get and see questions being asked about how one should fully utilize the system when they are more than just the every day person. 

Well, I am here to offer you my tips and tricks that I use to fully utilize such system. Let's get into it!

Get yourself a divider. 

The notebook I use has two dividers, but I use one for my monthly log, and another for my daily log, which means even if I managed to use my bullet journal for my student needs, I have to remember the page number, or constantly go back and forth from my Index. 

So I discovered that a discernible divider is quicker, and better to get faster results for when I need to access student needs. 

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Put all student needs in the same area. 

Contrary to what the Bullet Journal is used for, I highly recommend outlining your pages so your student needs are back to back. 

If your syllabus was in one place, while your time table was in another place, that would cost you more time than necessary. 

I personally only needed two pages for my student needs, so it worked out for me to just use one spread. 

Be visual when necessary. 

We all know this: in the first week of classes, we always have a hard time remember where we are supposed to be, and when we are supposed to be there at. 

So I created a page that made referencing my day/week easy. It meant I could see when I had chunks of time off to plan whatever necessary. 

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Be practical when necessary. 

While the previous tip was about being visual, you also gotta be practical as a student. 

Within the first week of school I had a hard time keeping track of all my assignments in a holistic way, so I did my research and found a few (but not many) ideas about how to put the syllabus' together. 

(As a heads up, my school and professors are pretty on track with their syllabus', so when they say an assignment is due, it's actually due that day -- which is how I can make this work.) 

On this page, I laid out all the classes that had constant assignments, and put them all on a page, so every month I can go through (or whenever I begin a new week) and input what assignments are due when. 

Designate a homework area. 

One of the first problems I noted is that the bullet journal system isn't very helpful when it comes to planning out a week's advance of work. But of course, being the Bullet Journal system, it is also extremely flexible and individualized. 

And that's when I found a way to include a place for me to list the things I had to do during the weekend on my current weekly log. 

As a student, I find this extremely helpful because it gives me the visuals necessary to plan out my weekend, and it puts all assignments on one page so I don't have to flip for it. 

The bullet journal system is by no means scary, but I also won't sugar coat it for you, it is time consuming. But, only if you want it to be. 

Don't overthink it, just dive right in, and if it's right for you, you'll realize. 

How do you use the BuJo? Or would you ever consider trying it out? 

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